Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mr. Romney, perhaps 1 of your 5 sons could drive this Mitt Mobile, sir?

So, it takes a simple question from one lone brave woman in Iowa, Rachel Griffiths, to get the Big Greasy Mitt to admit that his sons are big greasy muffs who boldly serve our nation by... driving... around... the... Mitt... Mobile. Here's a clue for your 5 perfectly healthy, war cheerleading and enlistable aged sons: That military vehicle in that photo is called-- believe it not-- a MITT. Sooooo... how's about 1 of those 5 strapping boys you so proudly brag about... while simutaneously spewing out all of that pro-war vomit... really serve their nation and that war that you adore so much and drive around THAT MITT MOBILE, in say, perhaps Anbar Province instead of whitebread USA? And by the way Big Greasy, this ain't just because you spent your time for war "ministering" in Paris instead of Vietnam or that you're very rich and white. Oh no. See, another really rich and really white guy like you also supported a war that got a whole heckuva lotta troops and civilians killed. His name was Franklin D. Roosevelt. And like you, Big Greasy, FDR did not enlist or get drafted. But while not technically in the military, he did serve as Assistant Sec of the Navy from 1913 to 1920 which encompassed the US involvement in WWI, and most certainly prepared in some way him for his time as a wartime Commander and Chief during WWII. But try topping this fact, Big Greasy: All 4 of FDR's sons were officers in World War II and were decorated, on merit, for bravery. One of his sons, by the by, was a Marine Captain of a Marine Raider Battalion (this group went ashore on a Japanese held island) and put his life in so much danger that FDR did not wonder IF he would be killed, but WHEN. I wonder Big Greasy, do you also sit up at night-- gripped by white hot fear-- that 1 of your 5 sons will be killed while cavorting around in that most deadly of vehicles.......... the Winnebago?
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