Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So, if Scooter were to lie about giving Bush a bj, would the perjury conviction stick?

Forget the fact that plenty of Republicans were rightfully pissed off when Pres Clinton pardoned the disgustingly slimy billionaire Marc Rich. Forget the fact that the Supreme Crt just decided a few days ago that a 33 month sentence is a completely appropriate punishment for perjury. Forget the fact that Bush 41 said leakers are traitors and Bush 43 said any leakers would be taken care of. Forget the fact that 70% of Americans do NOT want Scooter Libby pardoned. And forget the fact that Pres Bill Clinton and former Cheney aide Scooter Libby were both found guilty of perjury. Both men were investigated by a Republican appointed special prosecutor (Ken Starr and Patrick Fitzgerald ). Both men were "judged" by Republicans (Bush appointed Judge Reggie Walton and the then Republicans in the House of Reps). One man, a married man and father, lied about having an extramartial affair with an intern who consensually and according to her own words, happily blew the Prez, whom she claimed to be in love with. Whom did Clinton's lies hurt? His wife and his daughter. One man, a lawyer and an advocate of preemptive war against Iraq since 1992, happily lied about blowing the cover of an undercover CIA agent in an attempt to crush the only correct critic (at the time) of the Bush White House's propaganda to toss us into a war. Whom did Scooter's lies hurt? The undercover CIA agent. Her war critic husband. Any and all of her undercover contacts. Her small children. Her immediate family members. Our nation, which was desperately relying upon undercover intelligence to help us avoid more terror attacks. All of the 1000s upon 1000s of dead and wounded US troops and Iraqis who have been killed and/or maimed as a result of this trumped up war that NEVER EVER should have been launched in the first place. And THE TRUTH, because by giving Scooter a free pass, we the people will NEVER EVER know the truth about all of those pre-war lies. So, the real question is this: If Scooter Libby were to get down on his knees and lie about blowing President Bush, would those perjury charges stick? Would Bush even dare to speak of pardons and commuting sentences? Would the Washington Post openly weep for poor lil Scooter who openly colluded with the White House to toss us into this war? Would Republicans then finally cheer and applaud "law and order" for Scooter's perjury lies as they did when Clinton lied about cheating on his wife? I guess all it takes is a blowjob. Who knew? I'm with Keith O when it comes to Bush & Cheney... for the love of God and country... please resign. Happy Fourth of July everybody. But instead of celebrating, I feel like building a time machine so I can restore our nation to pre-Bush administration destruction. A girl can dream, huh?
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