Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Looking for a chrysalis so I can become a butterfly

As you can clearly see.... I've made some big changes. I guess I really wanted a new blog template b/c I've been on a holy quest to find beauty in my daily life b/c I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of ugly and mean. I'm not just referring to the insanity between Hillary, Obama, and the McPandering McConfused McFossil. And I'm not just referring to the ceaseless ugliness and meanness from Hubby's side of the family in the wake of his g-ma's death. I'm referring to some very unwarranted ugliness and meanness from my own side of the family, too.
Whether it's coming from my older sister, who apparently couldn't be bothered to send a sympathy card or even a crappy email to Hubby, (despite the fact that when my sister's husband experienced the death of a close loved one, Hubby and I went to the calling hours out of respect for my brother-in-law as my sister's husband and uncle to my children, and also out of respect for his loss), or my 23 yr old pregnant niece, who apparently is either simply too fucking lazy or too fucking stupid to open up 1 of the gazillions of baby-name books available or check out 1 of the gazillions of baby-name sites online and pick 1 of the gazillions of lovely female names for her baby that are not MY daughter's names (a daughter of mine, by the way, upon hearing that my 23 yr old niece was telling all that she was going to use MY kiddo's name for her own baby, burst into tears & cried out: "But that's MY name, mommy! I'm the only BabyGirl Fuzzy and Blue in this family. She can't steal MY name!").
Or whether it is coming from my own mom who apparently is too biased towards my sister and her 23 yr old pregnant daughter to see just why ever in the world Hubby, BabyGirl and I would dare to feel offended, hurt, and pissed off. But then again, to her credit, my mom probably couldn't possibly understand us and our hurt feelings and our emergency situation b/c she WAS too busy leaving nasty message after nasty message on the shut off cell phones of Hubby and I (they HAD to be turned off b/c we were in the intensive care unit while Hubby's g-ma was slowly inching towards death).
Why the nasty messages, you ask? Well, my mom was demanding that we immediately drop off a family heirloom cradle (that we used last for Lil Man) for my lil sister. Ya see, lil sis very unexpectedly had her 2nd baby on the exact same day that Hubby's g-ma unexpectedly had her stroke and 2nd heart attack. Why did my lil sis immediately need this cradle for her 2nd child? B/c mysteriously and inexplicably, lil sis claimed that she still didn't have vital baby items--like freakin non-disposable baby items such as a bassinet or crib, which I know for a fact she received at her 2003 baby shower for her son-- so now, according to my lil sister, her poor new baby was heartlessly "forced" to sleep in a empty laundry basket on the cold floor b/c we are simply too thoughtless and cruel to newborn babies to be bothered to break hospital rules and turn our phones on and race from the Cleveland area hospital back to our hometown (which happens to be 2 hrs away from Cleveland) to deliver the cradle.
So, since I'm such a heartless bitch with ridiculously sensitive feelings, and a very hurt husband and daughter (who apparently suffer from my same afflictions) I think I'll look for a chrysalis and see if I can turn into a beautiful butterfly and fly far, far away from this sea of ugly and mean.
But.... before I remove myself from all of this family- douchebaggery.... I feel compelled to scream this political tidbit from the rooftops to all Hillary sore losers-- Hey bitches! You had better wake the fuck up. Yeah, I called you bitches, and I'm especially talking to all of my fellow white, middle class bitches. John McCrazy is unspeakably awful for this nation, and he will further drive us into the already flaming ditch. And if you honestly want to vote for McCain or refuse to vote for Obama b/c you somehow think that the only reason that Hillary is not the nominee is due to sexism and misogyny, I have one vitally important thing to ask you: How can you Dems honestly say that voting for a woman-hating asshat like McCretin ("I call my wife a cunt") and refusing to preserve and safeguard women's reproductive rights this November does a single thing for American females and their futures? Even though, at this particular point and time, I would like to strap on a steel-toed boot and have an old fashioned ass-kicking party w/ the women of my family, I can guarantee you this: I will fight to my last breath to defend my mother's, my sisters', my 3 nieces', and my daughter's rights to reproductive freedoms. How can you possibly consider denying them and every American female these rights and still call yourself a defender of women? If you can't answer that question, then perhaps you should have the common courtesy to pass out clean coat hangers or start a "European or Canadian abortion fund" for all of us rational women who cherish reproductive freedoms and our daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters, eh?

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