Monday, January 19, 2009

Sayonara Capt. Clusterfuck!.. and don't let the door of history hit your evil ass on the way out!

As we get ready to say good riddance to the worst catastrophe ever to slither into America's most esteemed office, I suggest we be very mindful of just how unspeakably horrific BushCo has been for our nation (despite the laughable GOP fairytale that W was our 9/11 hero) and that we heed history's painful lessons and never. ever. ever. forget so that we never. ever. ever. repeat.

To begin, you may want to gather up the kiddies, a nice rocking chair, warm blankies and cups of cocoa, and read "Goodnight Bush: A Parody." Sure, it ain't the beautiful "Goodnight Moon" that millions of children have loved the world over, but isn't terrifying our youth with hard, cold facts for the sake of never. ever. ever. repeating this kind of catastrophic clusterfuck worth it, folks?

If that's not your style, you could take Bush's own father's advice and simply "...Google all of his son's failures." But really... who amongst us has all fucking eternity for THAT, eh?... especially when ya toss in a search on "the Google" of 4 generations of The Bush Crime Family. So instead, feel free to peruse these fabulously concise and fact-filled lists: Hugh's HUGE List of Bush Scandals, and Bush's Executive Branch Failures since 2000.

And after that, --when all is said and done--, and you still cannot shake the Bush-blues after 8 terrifying years, do yourself a favor and try The 12-Step Bush Recovery Program: A Lifesaving Guide to Shaking Off the Horrors of the Last Eight Years, with Practical Advice on Relapse, Remission, and Recounts. It ain't rehab, but it might help with the night terrors, headache, nausea, and occasional explosive oily anal discharge that can afflict those amongst our citizenry whom- over the past 8 years- have had a conscience, a beating heart in our chest, a thinking brain in our head, and a soul. And on a personal note, on Tuesday, BabyGirl and I will be wearing matching Obama/Biden "Yes We Did!" t-shirts, while Lil Man will be sporting his "Babies for Obama" onesie. Go suck on that and choke on it for 8 frickin long yrs, BushCo.

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