Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!... and enjoy autumn's grand beauty... despite election ugliness

Yes, that is Lil Man dressed up as a batty-bat, and BabyGirl as a glittery blue rose-fairy princess... and yes... Lil Man swiped the blue rose "magic wand" outta his sister's hands and seconds after this pix was taken, he popped the giant flower into his mouth...sigh. Good thing BabyGirl is so patient with him and his antics, eh? And even though you can't tell, Lil Man is wearing only half of his costume. Why? Because despite the fact that the costume is a size 2T, and he is only 19 months old, we had to cut the bottom half off of the costume because his long legs wouldn't fit-- leaving us with just the bat cape/wings and fuzzy hood and body to squeeze his 31+lbs into. At this rate of growth, how ever will we feed this kid when he's a teenager?
And despite the insanity of election time, I L-O-V-E this time of year. Not only is autumn gorgeous with it's awesomely crisp weather and colors, but with fall comes my 3 favorite celebrations:
1.) My wedding anniversary on October 23rd (it was our 9th this year... and yes... we still rock each other worlds!)
2.) Halloween (the most misunderstood and hallowed-- as in respectful of the dead-- yet pretty carefree and fun holiday)
3,) and the soon to arrive Thanksgiving (a holiday that has a most shameful and bloody history, but has thankfully become a holiday for family, friends and loved ones w/minimal commercialism b/c the focus is on the feast, being thankful for that feast and the lovely company you share it with.)
So, despite the insanity and ugliness of the political season, let's not forget to take the time to notice the beauty of autumn around us, make some yummy hearty meals, share the good food and beauty with our loved ones, and do remember to donate to your very needy local food banks.
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