Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cindy McCredit-Card.... who's the elitist?

So lemme get this straight: The so called "salt of the earth family values" set, ya know... the Toady Karl Roves, John McCheaters, Diaper David Vitters and Widestance Larry Craigs of the GOP, claim that Barack and Obama and Michelle Obama are elitists and completely out of touch with real Americans and family values? Umm, yeah. If you consider growing up with a single mom and maternal grandparents on food stamps, rising above the south side of Chicago, working your ass off to get the grades to enter an Ivy League school AND graduate magna cum laude, wearing a $148 dress, being faithfully married only once, and paying off massive student loans while raising 2 daughters as elitist, outside of American family values, and somehow being totally different than everybody else than uh... yeah... sure.
Soooo... in comparison, the Beer Empire heirhead Cindy McCain is what exactly? A former Percocet addict who ripped off her own charity and forged her charity's physicians' DEA numbers to steal her drug of choice? Yep. A former beauty queen who happily committed adultery with John McCain while he was still married to the disabled and disfigured wife and mother of his 1st set of children? Yep. The daughter of a convicted criminal who became a millionaire via his bloody ties to the Bronfman Crime family? Yep. The 2nd wife of a "Keating Five" criminal who should have been jailed for his crimes? Yep. A frosty campaign queen who refuses to release her financial records and racks up $750K on her credit cards in merely ONE MONTH? Yep. A home owner of at least 7 homes (yet according to this site, they own 10 homes!) who doesn't pay homeowner taxes? Yep. I don't know about you, but the words "elitist rich bitch who has ZERO in common with me and my family" comes to mind when I think of the morally-missing Cindy McCreditCard and her money-from-the mob grubbing husband. And to think... I actually thought Hubby and I were r-e-a-l-l-y doing something when we wildly celebrated finally being able to pay off 2 of our credit cards AND gas up our cars and feed and clothe our kiddos in the same month! But then again, I also happen to think that being the vacuous smiling Stepford wife of an adulterous and unstable prick (who repeatedly said he never loved America, whom Vietnam Vets claim is unfit to be prez, whom military peers and a fellow GOPer also claims McCrazy is a hot head and unfit to be prez, and whose financial wizard-- Sen Gramm-- unspeakably claims that CEOs are underpaid) is pretty morally bankrupt, too. But there I go being all "middle class," "non-elitist" and "family values" again.
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