Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yo Che! Pass the beret! We're officially "socialists" now! Viva!

It is with revolutionary glee that I can now proudly slap on the Che beret (no... no... not THAT beret. THIS beret) and exclaim it officially:

Hubby and I are socialists.

Why exactly, you might ask? Have we taken a recent trip to rub elbows with that filthy Che-loving' Fidel? Uhhhh..., not so much. Although if keeping it real in the Fidel fatigues looks half as fun as these guys make it look, I'm so into that.
Naw, ya see, the clock on the lease on our General Motors' 2005 SUV ran out this week, and given that we adore the vehicle, that we treated it with tender loving care and that we strapped a mere 23,000 miles on it---- (Yep. Ya read that correctly. It is 4 yrs old and has less than 25K miles on it) we would have to be brain damaged and/or Republican to NOT buy out the car after the lease is up, right?
Well, not if we freaking love Uncle Sam and bleed red, white, and blue like all "real Americans" do, because apparently, real patriots applaud war, the failure of America, poverty, hatred and fearmongering, murder doctors performing legal medical procedures, shoot up Jewish museums and murder a black guard, turn a willingly blind eye when people like this enlist in our military, call Michelle Obama's ancestors "gorillas," send emails that show Prez O in blackface, whore out your children for politics when it suits you, deny gay people the basic human right to marry the adult person they love because you claim it somehow "threatens hetero marriage" while a man, a wife and a married mistress makes up their own "God approved' marriage equation, pray for war with Iran when that nation's election reeks of fraud (hmm... wonder how these freakos would have felt if Iran would have talked about launching a war against the US when BushCo was blatantly engaging in voter fraud in 2004 and was selected NOT elected in 2000?) and boycott GM.

According to the likes of rightwing buttplugs like Hugh Hewitt and Heidi Harris, all good little KoolAid chuggers hope for the economic failure of 1000s upon 1000s of Americans. Why? 'Cause their hatred for Prez O is so gianormous that they'd happily wish for the economic destruction of their fellow Americans and the possible economic destruction of our entire nation. Those are some super duper patriotic family values types, no? And so Christian!
Ya gotta check out Harris as she let tons of this serpentine spew roll off her forked tongue on Hardball with Chris Mathews. You'll swoon as she breezily tosses out this compassionate conservative gem: "We just need to let it (GM) die... All those GM lazy, shifless union bums... err... hardworking middle class workers need to just get new (yet completely nonexistent) jobs at other auto manufacturing plants. You know, there are other places you can work. And they can adapt... it's not the end of the world. "
Makes your heart melt from her cavalier and mercenary abandon, no?
I guess when your own vitriol towards the Dems, our Prez, our unions, and the American working class is so white hot that you personally pray for the demise of nearly 90,000 GM jobs and 40,000 Chrysler jobs ( and those job losses will certainly result in the loss of further countless unforeseen vehicle-related industry jobs) then the liquidation of the very industry that we the tax-paying people own a 60%+ stake in, somehow makes sense in that vacuous hat rack you call a head and that black crumb you call a heart, right?

Well, it makes zero sense to me and mine, so Hubby and I plan on happily wearing our Che berets with shiny socialist pride, loading up our little comrades in our GM SUV, and going for a nice lil Sunday drive this weekend... and anybody in the "real American" crowd who doesn't like it can suck it.
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