Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey Miss CA, flashing your fake jugs for Jesus?... I must have missed THAT part of the Bible

I've been silent on "TittyGate", but after Carrie Prejean claimed that Satan was tempting her in the form of Perez Hilton (really???... Perez???... I always figured Satan would be so much more ravishingly handsome and charming... but what the hell do I know), that it was her God-ordained duty to defend God and His supposed position on gay marriage, and that she was told by God to "witness" to all of us gay-rights supporters, I"ve had my fill of this nutcase (and so has Keith O) and I simply cannot keep my yap shut any longer.
Now I'm no religious scholar, but I think I'm familiar enough with the Bible and Chrisitian teachings to know that posing for multiple sets of semi-nude photos (especially while a minor), repeatedly lying about the existence of any "morally questionable" pictures when entering into a written contract, tossing aside the knockers that God personally gifted ya with and getting a set of fake titties to further your chances along in a beauty contest... all while crazily claiming that God wants (and needs??) the likes of you to defend "His" supposed position on gay marriage... is 100% UN-Christian behavior.
Add to this that Toupee Trump proved that her "punishment" claim is 100% crapola because she did NOT have the scores to win-- with or without the gay marriage question, and call me crazy (although NOTHING says crazy like this wackadoodle example of the ramblings of a teary-eyed/ voice cracking Carrie ... seriously, ya blamed the wind for flashing your titties?... really??? I would think that Miss Cali would be used to those powerful Santa Ana winds, but what the hell do I know), but one really isn't being a good little wingnut while bearing false witness (by repeatedly lying to the pageant) and coveting anything that belongs to a neighbor (like wanting those pageant-winning fake titties over your God-given tiny ones). You are familiar with the Ten Commandments, aren't you, Miss Prejean? I know you may have been busy getting your hair bleached or your caps whitened or your boobs reinflated, but bearing false witness and coveting anything that belongs to your neighbor are CLEARLY part of the Ten Commandments, whereas absolutely no where do the Commandments make mention of gay marriage and the threat "the gays" pose to those of us who have entered into "opposite marriage"... but again, what the hell do I know.
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