Monday, April 28, 2008

You're freakin kidding me, right?

Ya know what? I'm officially ready to never watch, read, or listen to another piece of news or political punditry... ever. Why? B/c besides Keith O, most news gasbags have multiple orgasms over insanely trivial minutia and drivel (does "OMG! Barack can't bowl" ring any bells?) yet they usually let the really important stuff just float by without batting an eye: Like, when was the last time ya even heard about the former "safest place in Iraq," aka the Green Zone, being barraged with mortar attacks? What about the fact that May 1st will be the 5 year anniversary since Capt. McClusterfuck declared "Mission Accomplished in Iraq?" Yeah. Didn't think so. And could somebody please explain to me why that vainglorious handjob piece of trash Rush Limbaugh gets to urge his listeners to jump on his self labelled "Operation Chaos" train and encourage violence in Denver at the Democratic Convention, and not be held responsible for such talk? This is no joke, ya gangrenous douchebag. This is encouraging a RIOT during a part of the process that leads to we the people choosing the President of the Unted States (although I'm sure our esteemed Justice Antonin Vaffancullo Scalia would cavalierly tell us to "just get over it.") Now I'm all for freedom of speech, so don't even try to say that I'm attempting to limit free speech. This self bloated septic ass-boil is actually inciting people to riot; he is not abstractly stating that violence might be necessary at some abstract point to further a political goal. Oh no. His advocacy is for real violence by real people at a specific event... a specific event that "involves acts dangerous to human life... intended... to intimidate or coerce a civilian population... to influence the policy of a govt by intimidation or coercion... which will occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States." This just happens to be the exact definition of domestic terrorism according to SECTION 802 of the GOP's beloved Patriot Act, so I guess old Rushbag should pack up some Astroglide and get ready for some good ol' boy fraternity hijinks at Gitmo. Speaking of people being assraped for others' sheer amusement, if I hear one more know-nothing-all try to tell me why, as a 30 something college grad, I should adore Obama's completely media-created "elitism" but that as a middleclass white Catholic female in working class Ohio, I should be slapping Hillary stickers on my bumper as we speak, I'm gonna lose it and run down the street butt naked while screaming and flailing my arms. And while we're on the topic of Hillary, could someone please explain to me WTF is up with the rumored threats, her mind-boggling push for Barack Obama to debate her YET AGAIN in Indiana & N. Carolina (because really Hillary.... 21 fucking debates are simply NOT enough, eh? Will this magical 22nd debate finally change the tide for ya?) and the not so unimaginable possibilty of her crashing Obama's inauguration? (for that idea, thank you very much Jon Stewart) I'm sure some vacuous news spinner would vomit out some news cycle spew explanation, so I guess I have to find the real truth for myself...and soooo after a bit of digging... here is The. Best. Comparison. Ever. ...just remember... "it's only a flesh wound!" ... and if McCentury slithers into the White House, Hillary stands an excellent chance of having that flesh wound get treated b/c she's fortunate enough to be a senator like Johnny McCorporation but the rest of us working stiffs? Mmmm, not so much. 'Cause ya see, the empty talking heads won't tell you, but the truth is Sen. McCallous' greed based healthcare plan does NOT allow for pre-existing conditions, doesn't even allow us poor working folks to keep our employer-provided health insurance b/c the minute the tax break employers get for providing benefits is gotten rid of per Senator "McCoverage- from- the- govt- is- only- for- the- disabled- &- cancerous- likes- of- me," we can pretty much count on the Repukes handing us THIS, a box of these, and a giant "fuck you" for when we hobble off to curl up and die. Thanks so much, Party of Life.
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