Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Family issues: Front and center due to a death

Despite a very hopeful Mother's Day visit, the health of Hubby's g-ma had taken a very sudden and unexpected turn for the worse this weekend. As I stated in a previous post, due to their mom's complete refusal and inability to be simply HUMAN, Hubby and his big bro are co-powers of attorney of g-ma's affairs and medical issues, and they were faced with the incredibly impossible decision of whether or not to deny her a feeding tube (they decided to have one put in) but it was to no avail. She passed away this morning at 5:30 am. I wish I could do something... anything... to make this easier for my husband, but I fail to see what I can do... besides be his best friend and support. And to add insult to injury, the Will, which had been stolen by hubby's insane mom, suddenly... **poof**... turned up. And what a shock!.. the wicked witch who is too evil to even pick up a phone over the past 10 yrs and speak to her own mother inherits EVERYTHING. I know g-ma held out the desperate and futile hope that Hubby's mom (and g-ma's only child) would behave just a little like the Christian she sickeningly brags to all who are within earshot that she is, and show her 90 yr old mother a little kindness and concern, and perhaps try to not get removed by hospital security and do the right thing like simply visit her dying mother, (or not say things like this about her poor mother: "A feeding tube? That'll just keep her alive." or "Don't you two have her transported to a hospital closer to you. Just leave her where she is to die.") but alas, sadly, it is not to be. I guess my mother-in-law's "Christian" street-cred only goes as far as her hatred and intolerance of others will take her, and as far as her tiny crumb of a black heart allows her to claim a sick, twisted and exclusive ownership of Christ's gospel. So.... it is with a very heavy heart that I say that I'll be back in a bit. Hopefully, when I return, Cosmic Justice will have bitchslapped my mother-in-law into her next life (a next life which will hopefully be spent as a very, very sickly mother in desperate need of the help of a kind and loving daughter-- a daughter-- who chooses to treat her like trash beneath her feet, by the way), the dust will have settled, peace will have prevailed, my children's great grandmother will be exactly where she wants to be in the universe, and my beloved Hubby's heart will be lighter. And to g-ma: I am so happy that I insisted that Hubby collect and scan all of your old photos and put them on disc so your grandson and great grandchildren could preserve their heritage and treasure your long history. And by the way, you were a gorgeous bride to your handsome soldier husband, and one smoking hot Rosie the Riveter back in the day, sister. Thank you for helping raise such a wonderful grandson. He is the best husband and father a woman could ever ask for. I'm so grateful for the relationship I had with you. Rest in peace.
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