Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guns at health-care town hall meetings? Rallying against healthcare when you blatantly spew zero facts? This gun toting liberal says "Shut it!"

Now for those of you who don't know this, I am a gun-toting liberal.
Is it because I was born and raised in Ohio? Maybe.
Is it because I am the daughter of a dad who loved his weapons and really really really distrusted the govt after the Vietnam clusterfuck took our nation over the cliff? Could be.
Is it because I'm married to a guy who walked around his family farm with his first .22 rifle as early as the age of 7 years? Probably so.
But most of all, I just personally love guns so much that I really, really really wish that this site were for real and not merely satirical. (Oh Hello Kitty and My Little Pony... you are so sparkley and so very, very pretty!)
In all truth, Hubby and I both have conceal-carry licenses, we have a virtual arsenal in our gun safe and our lockboxes, and IMHO, there is nothing more fun than shooting our AR-15, our AK-47, or my particular assault rifle fav, our Steyr AUG.
But would we ever become members of a militia?
Uh, not bloody likely.
Who the hell wants to hang out with these types unless you are supah dupah creepy?
Well, not unless a highly unlikely zombie outbreak were to occur, and then quite frankly, it is only the well armed who are willing to join together and travel in numbers who will stand 2 hoops in hell of surviving, and I would like to see our liberal views survive that kind of apocalypse..... wouldn't you?
.... but I digress....
Would we ever drop a weapon at a town hall meeting held for Arizona Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords?
Uh, no freaking way.
If you're so goddamned stupid that you actually drop your weapon, 1) you don't deserve to ever have a weapon in your possession-- including a rubber-band shooter-- and 2) you don't deserve to make the rest of us weapon owners look like gun-dropping morons.
Would we ever strap 1 of our handguns to our thighs AT a townhall meeting that the 1st black president of the US is holding (a prez who receives 30 death threats per day, by the way) WHILE parading around a sign that spookily proclaims "It is time to water the tree of liberty" --- (ya know, that often distorted Thomas Jefferson quote that people love to spew when they want to back up their love for killing folks and over throwing the govt... ya know... like Timothy McVeigh... who wore a t-shirt with that quote on it when he was arrested for the Oklahoma massacre of scores of innocent children and adults??) ---
Uh, not on your FUCKING life.
1. A weapon is most probably not needed at such events (let's face it, Secret Service and local authorities got the gig well covered).
2. You might run the risk of showing up at such events only to find out that firearms are not legally allowed (believe me, LOTS of public places have these signs posted and you had better be damn well aware of them or else risk the consequences).
3. Why on earth would you run the risk of being overpowered and having that gun taken off of you at one of these mob-mentality rules/foaming at the mouth events and have a politician and/or innocent people shot with your firearm???
.... but more importantly....
4. We, as responsible gun owners and conceal carry license holders in this kind of uber-polarized/ facts be damned in the face of absolute lies kind of shitstorm that has become America, should never ever want to risk looking like freaking nutcases at a mob-mentality/ foaming at the mouth event-- and further this belief that only nutcases carry weapons and cherish gun ownership-- and therefore give more fuel to the fire that gun rights should be severely restricted and risk losing our legal right to carry a weapon at all.
.... and besides....
.... we're really really really sick and tired of white people always looking like mouth-breathing morons in public ALL the time. Don't believe us? Watch this, or just Google "arrested kill Obama" one time for shits and giggles and then try and tell me that we white folks don't look like a pack of racist, hateful freaks and morons...sigh...
.... and oh yeah....
.... if you do not have a will and/or at least a living will, and you care 1 iota about your loved ones and your possessions, then you are an incalculable imbecile. .... unless, of course, you happen to be a lying piece of drug addicted bloated whale crap, or you are a "talking out of both sides of my forked tongue mouth because I had my own Alaskan death panels" and "I encouraged end of life directives while Gov of Alaska" uber-nitwit like Sarah Palin, or maybe you happen to be 1 of those "we're lying 'cause our lips our moving" /"we demand less govt in our lives" spewing kind of Republicans who then inexplicably salivates in delight at the thought of elected govt officials getting involved in your private family's medical decisions, just as they did in the unspeakable Schiavo debacle.
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