Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama's Speech: Pass him the "Bad Motherfucker" Wallet!

Oh yes. Obama nailed it. And oh yes. He more than deserves to be sporting Jules' "bad mother fucker" wallet today. This past week made me proud to be a Dem, a woman, an Obama primary voter, and an American. So, as we watch Karl Rove bus in suckers and losers to Dayton, OH to make the appearance that McFossil (who just happens to turn 70-freakin-2 today!) could actually gather a large crowd, keep this in mind: Who can't help but notice the extreme irony of talk of the GOPricks possibly cancelling their convention due to the frightening soon-to-be hurricane Gustav (w/ even MORE possible hurricanes brewing in the ocean) when it was their wingnut Christ-less sycophants who were praying for rain to fall on Obama and the maaaany 1000s gathered at Mile High Stadium? Hmm... I guess God must really hate THEM, eh?
FYI: I've been waaay busy recently (lots of DIY home projects and plenty of summer fun w/the kiddos and Hubby before school started this Weds.) so that explains my AWOL status since July. I don't know how much time I'll have to devote to my lil 'ol blog now that BabyGirl has started school, Lil Man is talking & walking & getting into everything he can get his busy hands on, and Hubby and I have signed on to help get Obama elected in Ohio, but how in the world could I possibly NOT post after the Dem convention? Especially when Pat freakin Buchanan praises Obama's speech as the greatest convention speeches e-v-e-r and McSame Shit Different Asshole is left speechless in response. To quote Chris Tucker from "Friday": Johnny I Was a POW, you got knocked the fuck out!
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