Friday, March 06, 2009

Note to self: Remember to drink and pee

Illness has hit our home like a ton of bricks for about 5 months now. Seriously, since Halloween of '08, I have taken my kiddos to the pediatrician about every 2.5 weeks. It is so bad, that when I call, the receptionist recognizes my voice. I've gotten sick a few times from my precious germy little bastards (.... that's not really true. Hubby and I were married a full 2 yrs before we conceived BabyGirl, and were married at least 6 yrs before Lil Man came into the picture, so bastards they are not... but I digress) so I've seen my own doc a handful of times in this reign of illness, too, although I really would rather seek homeopathic care while sick (colloidal silver sprayed into sinuses when yucky snot is present, probiotics to build up immunities, and d-mannose to keep e-coli flushed from bladder) but I do resort to medical expertise when all else fails.... and sometimes things do fail. Badly.
For example: 2 wks ago, I picked BabyGirl up from school, and she was sporting pink flushed cheeks and a 103 fever, which quickly developed into a wicked respiratory ick that has infected all of us now. This particular ick knocked us on our asses (and BabyGirl has asthma, so every respiratory ick can quickly turn to pneumonia and full blown asthma attacks so serious around the clock breathing treatment care must be given), but given that I am the mom, I have to take care of everybody else and furiously clean to keep the germs at bay... all while nobody takes care of me. In fact, while flitting around in nurse-gear, I often forget to eat and drink. Well, that chicken came home to roost... and it left me in a shitload of hurt in the process.
I was busy playing Florence Nightingale to my kiddos and hubby, while hacking and coughing up a lung myself, and scrubbing my hands like Det. Adrian Monk and Lysoling everything in sight when I noticed that I had this killer back pain and felt hot and feverish. I figured I was just really really tired and blew it off.
About 2 days later, this back pain was becoming truly unbearable and my fever was now full blown and I was miserable. I called my dr to see if I could get in, but no luck. Ya see, my dr is in a practice with his dad, and unbeknownst to me, his father had just suddenly passed away 3 days earlier, so they were beyond swamped and probably felt about as bad I did, so I really did not want to "bother" them given what was going down at their office. Wrong.
Flash ahead 2 days even later, I can now barely have anything touch my back, I am peeing what I think is blood, I'm feeling like death would be a welcome relief, and I'm actually considering going to the emergency room, so I call my dr again, explain how bad this is, and they tell me that they have no appts, but that I can come in and they'll somehow squeeze me in. Great.... especially since our insurance fights us tooth and nail if we "dare to have the audacity" to go to the E.R., but now all I have to do is load up Lil Man with my broken back and get there.
Long story short: I was peeing blood, my kidneys were what was making my back hurt like I'd been hit by a Mack truck, and I have NEVER ever had a urinary tract infection like this before (and I've had my fair share of 'em) where the urge to frequently pee "lava" was completely absent and yet the infection hit me like a tidal wave, and as far as I'm concerned, I could live my whole entire life and NEVER ever experience this again, and I really really really hope this Cipro Rx does the trick.
So, I guess the lesson learned here is this: While playing Florence Nightingale to everybody else, please please please remember to drink and pee, drink and pee, drink and pee... or else risk suffering this ungodly fate again.
And of course, while waiting in the waiting room with my Lil Man, every freakin' person in there was hacking and coughing and tossing their damned germs around my precious kiddo, and he is now freshly sick with god-knows-what new illness (thank the gods we have health insurance, although if ya ask Repukeycans, health coverage is a mere want, NOT a need, and it certainly ain't a right cause to them it is "a privilege" ) ... sigh... but I'm so damn sick of being sick... grrrr.... and please please please remember to drink and pee, drink and pee, drink and pee....
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