Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

HappyThanksgiving! We have many things to be thankful for this year: 1. I'm thankful that I have not suffered an actual heart attack between Halloween and now given the countless times I have found one of THESE tucked discreetly inside baskets full of dirty laundry, my bed sheets and/or dresser drawers. To BabyGirl and Hubby: I know you two are behind this and have sworn each to secrecy, but take notice: I'm the one who packs your lunches... ahem. Imagine your own shock and horror if you were to bite into a Fancy Feast sandwich. 'Nuff said, no? 2. Given the horror of the last 8 yrs, I want to say thank you voting-America for finally pulling your heads from your asses. Now if we could only exterminate ourselves free from vermin like Scary Sarah the GOP moron poster girl and Joe who is not named Joe the tax evading non-bill paying non-Plumber. 3. Given the unspeakable corporate handoutwhores and wealthy welfare/ deregulation clusterfuck/ trickle down economic trainwreck that the last 8 yrs and Capt Clueless have chained us to (which culminated into this complete Great Depressionesque meltdown) if you still have a job and/or health benefits, any semblance of a 401K left, and if you don't have to rely on food stamps to scrape up food for your family, you should breathe a serious thankful sigh of relief and pray for those who aren't so lucky. 4. If you have friends and family who are happy, well, and healthy breathe another thankful sigh of relief.
I am, of course, thankful for all of the above, and I'm especially thankful for the little family Hubby and I have made and for my small circle of friends that I so cherish. Yesterday, Lil Man, myself and my BFF travelled thru yet another one of Lake Erie's recent lake effect snowstorms to attend BabyGirl's kindergarten play about Thanksgiving and the history of the feast. She wore a giant smile and an Indian feather headdress, and proudly delivered this line: "Yes, it all happened so very long ago in 1620." Awwww... my little diva! I held back my mommy tears of pride and joy as Auntie BFF snapped pictures with her cell phone (thank the stars she had the good sense to remember given that I not only forgot my camera but I also forgot my cell as I frantically looked for and then tried to wrestle a hat on a VERY uncooperative Lil Man). And what was Lil Man doing while Sissy made her stage debut?
Well......... sadly yet oh-so adorably, he was leaning dangerously foward in his stroller to get a good look at his sister, waving his arms wildly in the air at her, blowing kisses at her and yelling her name (well, HIS baby-language version of her name) in a frantic attempt to get the attention of his beloved big sister who had to ignore him cause she was IN the play.
Yes, his yelling was disrupting the play. Yes, it was hard to hear the rest of the kids deliver their lines (I'm so sorry kids... really I am!!) and yes, some parents were openly pissed and blatantly gave us the evil eye... but what could I do?? Muzzle him? Scold him? Stuff the fuzzy hat in his mouth? Lil Man simply adores his sister, and next to his blankie, she is his sun and moon and stars.... so try to understand his 20 month old mentality and get over it people, m'kay? So, despite the bad vibes sent our way at the play, I was oh-so proud of my little diva and her biggest yet shortest adoring fan.
This Thanksgiving, I'll be cooking for my little family plus my parents, (which will be lovely and psycho-sibling/family drama free) which in my household equals pure bliss. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday spent luxuriating in happiness, footballiness, thankfulness, drunkeness and overindulgence, and if you're traveling, please do so safely.
And oh yeah.... this year I am also oh-so thankful for this. Oh schadefreude.... how I love thee! I feel this situation can only best be summed up beautifully via this times 10. But ya have to wonder if Ann the Emaciated Hag will shrivel up and blow away after being forced to slurp her daily diet of 1 olive or raisin thru a straw, and ya simply have to ask how exactly does one even obtain that injury??? Hmmm..... maybe it happened when she forgot to unhinge her serpentine jaws as Alan Colmes reached in to retrieve what's left of his balls from that bulge in her neck?
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