Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey McCrotchetyMcCain, just 'cause you chose Palin for her vagina doesn't mean you get to control ours

I've been waaay busy (BabyGirl started school last wk in Aug., Lil Man is a non-stop talking/ walking/ climbing 18 mos old handful, and we are working real hard to turn Ohio into a blue state for Obama) but I simply HAD to speak out when I actually witnessed a 72 yr old man, who wants to be prez of this nation, use air quotes to heartlessly and cavalierly refer to the "health of the mother" in a presidential debate's discussion about abortion.
SIMPLY PUT: Are you fucking kidding me, sir? Forget that I think that this pathetic race-baiting 2008 Iago with a scary dash of Richard III is a make-believe maverick. Forget that McCheater's questionable record of having any level of respect for the women in his life (Carol and Cindy) and females in general makes me wonder if this shady guy should be left in charge of my cat, let alone our nation and the reproductive rights of 50% of our citizens. Forget the fact that it isn't just ANYBODY who decides the criteria for the health of the mother, it just so happens to be the Supreme Crt who decides it... ya know... that quaint lil group of legal eagles. And even if we forget the fact that 47 million Americans do NOT have ANY healthcare and that the U.S. has the 2nd worst newborn death rate in the modern world, it doesn't change the fact that the man who wants to be prez breezily wants to toss aside a right that is the bedrock of legal privacy for women's health and medical issues. As an American woman, wife, and mother of a little girl, I feel absolutely compelled to school McAncient's old Viagra needin' ass on some cold, hard facts:
Sen. McCare-nothing-for-women-and-children, like it or not, women DO die while pregnant (and shockingly in high numbers post-birth) and I am living, breathing proof of how very, very wrong things can go late in pregnancy and how gravely ill a mother can become in a matter of hours late in pregnancy, and how decisions to save the life of the mother have to be made in mere seconds between a woman, her family, and her doctor... in PRIVATE. Didja get that? A woman, her family, and her doctor in private... with absolutely ZERO input or control from our federal govt. Just because you picked that ignoramic human paraquat to intelligence & knowledge for your Vice Prez solely because she possesses a vagina does NOT mean that you get to control OUR vaginas.
While 100s of 1000s of Americans are barely hanging on by a thread, you and Gov. Vacuous Vagina happily chirp about chucking aside Roe v. Wade-- while spewing out of the other side of your mouths that preposterous conservative myth about "less govt in our lives" (unless of course you happen to be gay or lesbian or female, then, of course, the govt can be pounded down your throat)-- and you honestly expect us women (and the people who love us) to vote for a callous and obtuse duo that wants to take the incredibly PRIVATE, PERSONAL, MORAL, and MEDICAL decision of reproductive rights out of our hands and slap it into the govt's hands?
Funny... Sen McFlipflop, but you said in 2000 that if your then 15-yr-old daughter Meghan were to became pregnant and wanted an abortion, that it would be a private "family decision" and that the final decision would be made by Meghan exclusively. Hmm... guess that's gonna piss the nosey feds off, huh? But, when the man you were back then in 2000 is but a hollow shell of the worm you are now, should any of us be shocked?
And to make scary matters even more horrifying, you and Gov. Vacuous Vagina even take your anti-choice bullying to this unspeakable level: You want victims of rape or incest to be forced to have their attacker's baby. Really? Cause their aren't enough unwanted babies in this world, huh? The self-hating female Gov. even inexplicably boasted that if her own daughter were to be raped, that she would force the poor girl to have her attacker's baby... (and given that Alaska has THE highest rate of rape of any state of the Union and that the so-called Christian guv'ner heartlessly charged rape victims for their rape kits, I'd be shaking in my Eskimo boots if I were unlucky enough to be one of the Palin kids.)
And add to this immoral and merciless position on women's reproductive rights a question that is screaming to be asked: Why ever on earth would you 2 soulless demagogues want violent criminal perverts to become proud papas? What's next for your disgusting assault on females? Rapist-father visitation rights? Forcing the insurance of the spouse of a raped woman to pay for the prenatal care and lifelong medical coverage of the rapist's child? Forcing the spouse of a raped woman to raise and support a rapist's spawn? Oh yeah... THAT is soooo pro-marriage, no?
I know this is difficult for the lizard brains of you and your bespectacled lying liar w/a pimped out special needs baby to grasp, but please, do try, will ya? The ONLY position that offers true liberty and doesn't force anyone to do anything is a pro-choice position. Pro-choice does NOT force women to abort, but that laughable "pro-life" position that you and your moronic lipsticked sidekick spew is 100% about forcing women into positions because they have zero choices to do otherwise. So to you Sen. McCallous and that snarling attack vagina with a bouffant bun, as a woman of childbearing yrs and mother of a little girl, I need to say one thing and one thing only: Thanks, but no fucking thanks.
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