Monday, March 31, 2008

Times too tragic? Turn to The Tudors & Tracey

So, have ya heard that an already burning in ruins Iraq is on the verge of ripping apart at the seams while the Republicans are simply too busy being delusional, ignoring reality, rewriting history, outright lying and whitewashing crimes... while Joe-Judas Lieberman is apparently busy smoking crack, and Obama and Hillary are waaay occupied with destroying each other and the Dem Party? Fuhgettaboutit. When I want a r-e-a-l dose of cutthroat politics, watching people getting screwed over royally, and awful reflections of American reality, I'll turn to The Tudors' second season and Tracey Ullman's State of the Union. Oddly enough, only one of these cable delights was supposed to be based upon historical facts that are embellished with plenty of creative license, but I'm sure Showtime didn't count on it being Tracey Ullman's new show. Ullman's Arianna Huffington is spot-on and her sad yet hilarious portrayal of a struggling farmer's wife and her husband (whom has been sent to Iraq so many times with his National Guard unit that his flannel wearing wife has to remind him, as she climbs onto their rusty tractor in an attempt to somehow reap a crop from their foreclosed farm, to get up off his prayer mat and end his morning prayers as he is heard calling out "Allah akbar!" from the inside of his barn) is priceless. Don't get me wrong... just as I did last spring... I'll happily tune in every Sunday night to see sexy King Henry rip off his long suffering wife, his disgruntled English subjects, his Pope and his Church, and Anne Boleyn's (and any other available lady's) lacey bodice, but for real facts sprinkled with a healthy dose of creativity and American reality, I'll watch Tracey Ullman, thankyouverymuch. And while I don't dare to think I can speak for them, I'm guessing the Brits won't bash their ex-patriot Tracey in the same way they have bashed the hyper-sexed up/ historically dumbed down Tudors... feh... who cares... Jonathan Rhys-Meyers still looks smokin in his goatee and codpiece and Tracey Ullman always cracks me up... and the best parts?: As a literate woman with a brain, I can actually uncover all by my widdy-bitty self which parts are facts and fiction, and I won't have to listen to truth-disabled blowhards like Lying Limbaugh or Pat Buchanan froth at the mouth over either one of 'em.

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