Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18th... Lil Man's 1st Birthday

Despite having a Blues Clues themed-party this past Saturday, today is Lil Man's official day of birth. As you'll recall, it was quite the event last year (complete with near death experiences and deadly infections). Now, as I look back upon this year, I have to say this: Where TF did the time go??? And secondly, I have to add this: I always wanted a daughter, and Hubby always wanted a daughter, too. So much so, that we prayed that we would be lucky enough to have a sassy and strong willed gorgeous girl to cherish.... yet we never really pictured ourselves having a son. In fact, just after Hubby and I got married in 1999, we went to a flea market one crisp fall afternoon, and I bought something unexpected: A Seymour Mann Victorian angel doll. Now, let's be clear: I am NOT a "doll person" by any stretch of the imagination. I find dolls sitting around just staring at you to be waaaay creepy, but this doll is just somehow different. She somehow manages to not be creepy. She simply sits there looking innocently lovely: She has gorgeous long, long curly red hair, green eyes, and a lovely green velvet dress and gold halo and angel wings. When I purchased her from the old lady who was selling her, she asked me if I collected Seymour Mann dolls, and I told her that I have never bought a collectable doll before in my life but that I just thought she was beautiful and if we (Hubby and I) were someday lucky enough, I'd like to pass this doll down to a daughter of mine, The old lady took the cash from Hubby, and then she said: "Oh dear, you'll have a daughter more beautiful than that doll." And she was absolutely correct! BabyGirl is not only waaay more gorgeous than the porcelain beauty, but BabyGirl is also seriously sassy and strong-willed.... just the way we wished her to be! But somehow... after getting what we wanted in BabyGirl... we thought we might want another child, but having a son just never really entered our minds. Don't get me wrong: We knew full well that you stand a 50/50 chance of conceiving either sex, but I grew up with sisters only, and my big sis had all girls, and then we had a girl, so I guess we just couldn't imagine having a boy around, and during the month we worked on conceiving him (yep... it only took one month!) I know I certainly couldn't imagine what a girl like me would even do with a boy......... until I had one. Now, I can't believe I lived my life without him. Simply put: I am in love with my beautiful boy. He is everything I never, ever knew I wanted or needed. He fills a gap that we never knew existed. He gives us happiness that we never knew was missing. He simply makes our family complete. So, to my beautiful blue-eyed boy, I must say this: From the top of your curly blond head to the tip of your chubby little toes, I love you with all of my heart and I will always love you. I will always kiss your boo-boos, and wash your unbelievably dirty hands and face, and try not to freak out when you man-handle delicate things, and I will cheer you on no matter how secretly terrified I am that the sport you are playing will result in a fatal injury or require a tourniquet to stem the bleeding...... but most of all, I will always, always thank the stars above that the Powers That Be saw to it to send such an amazingly wonderful boy to me. Thank you for being mine. I love you Lil Man. Happy 1st Birthday.

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