Saturday, March 01, 2008

Heart attacks, hospitals & happy birthday

As you can see from this pix of BabyGirl sitting in a hospital bed, I have been rather preoccupied. Actually, truth be told, this hospital visit has just been one of many for the month of February. Lemme 'splain: The first week of Feb, Hubby's beloved 90 yr old g-ma suffered a small heart attack. (Quick review: Hubby does not speak to his uber Evangelical Republican parents, but he is very close to his g-ma. G-ma, in turn, is not spoken to by Hubby's parents b-c she not only dares to speak to Hubby, but she also dares to not care that Hubby is a Dem and is married to a Catholic. I know... I know... WTF??) Now this heart attack event was traumatic enough, but add to it this unspeakable turn of events: Hubby's mom (g-ma's only child) had to be removed from the hospital by security guards due to her insane behavior and hissy-fit throwing, and oh yeah... due to the fact that she stole g-ma's wallet, Soc Sec card, driver's license and keys out of her purse and then she and Hubby's dad proceeded to ransack g-ma's home and stole her lockbox that holds all of g-ma's highly valuable documents... including her will. So very Christian and Conservative, no? Soooo... Hubby and his bro had to scramble to get themselves named power of attorney over all of g-ma's affairs b-c who the hell knows what else their crazy-ass mom will do to granny. In doing so, Hubby and his bro have discovered that their mom has swindled their g-ma into signing some very questionable papers in regards to g-ma's money, property & estate (i.e. 100% circumventing g-ma's wishes as have been specifically stated in her will). Again... so very Christian and Conservative, no? Now in terms of physical recovery, this spry old bird is pretty okay given her age and what happened to her, and she is getting stronger everyday in a temporary nursing home setting, but in terms of emotional recovery, she is devastated that her own only daughter could do these cruel and criminal things to her. Add to this insult to inury that dr's recommend that g-ma now sell her home and move into assisted living and that Hubby's mom greedily wants to squeeze out half of the home's value for herself and her bank account, and this entire thing is 1 gianormous clusterfuck mess. So, since g-ma's heart attack, things have been a blur between long snowy drives to Cleveland area hospitals and nursing homes and lengthy attorney visits, but we flipped around our schedules and managed..... until the kids got sick. Really sick. Really r-e-a-l-l-y sick. So sick-- that after 2 seperate visits to the pediatrician and 2 sets of prescriptions-- hospitalization was needed. What we thought was just croup (they had the telltale "barking seal" coughs) was actually RSV that happily wrecked havoc to my poor kiddos' bodies while hooking up w/a nasty sea of bacterial pneumonia germs. Sooo... off to the hospital for serious IV antibiotic-drips and dehydration-fighting fluids we went.... only to discover a few days later that they have almost gotten rid of the pneumonia, but they do still require breathing treatments AND they now have horrific ear infections that are supah-dupah strong b-c the germs have been exposed to serious antibiotics and are now completely resistant and are laughing at our mere Rx meds as if they were Pez candies. And oh yeah... in the middle of all this, what pray tell has to happen? I just had to catch RSV and pneumonia, of course... b-c really... being up night after sleepless night (crying and worrying about and taking care of such sick kids and g-ma) just wasn't enough on my already heaping mommy plate, eh? Naw. Course not. But on the bright side, one good thing has come from these endless sleepless nights: I have discovered that I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE the crazy-ass Japanese obstacle course show called Ninja Warrior on the G4 channel! Granted, it is not Monk... but it'll do in a pinch. Anyhoo... after mailing out our absentee ballots this snowy Saturday afternoon for the Ohio primary being held on March 4th (Hubby and I both voted for Obama) the only thing I plan on heaping on my mommy plate right now is a massive slice of birthday cake b-c today is my damned birthday and I don't care how freaking sick I am... I WILL BE EATING BIRTHDAY CAKE...... but I just hope that it wasn't baked in THIS.
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