Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Look at my beautiful boy in his little sweater and corduroys... I could just eat him up! As we close '07, my 9 mos old Lil Man can wave hello, shake his head "no-no-no," make "woo-woo" sounds w/ his hand like a bad stereotype of an Indian chief, blow you a kiss, clap his hands (with or w/o me saying "Yay!" to him first), constantly say "Da-Da" to Hubby or just b/c he simply seems to love the word, say "hi" and "uh-oh," and can roll like a demon on wheels. Heartbreakingly, he rarely says "Ma-Ma" and won't say it to me upon demand, and he refuses to crawl. He'd rather roll everywhere & then cry like a banshee when he gets bored or tired or stuck. Oh well, there is one thing he absolutely must have from Mommy: Me rocking him to sleep at night. Aaaahhh... only Mommy can seem to do that right.
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