Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween everyone! Or, as Hannity sez: Liberal holiday of door to door handouts

I LOVE Halloween. Always have. And having kids has just given me reasons to play dress-up every year. Here's my kiddos... all dressed up for Trick or Treat. BabyGirl is Cinderella (she has this new found love for all things Cinderella... what an expensive interest this is... ahem... thankyouverymuch Disney Princesses) and Lil Man is our chubby lil fuzzy pumpkin. Take a look at his face. Isn't that expression classic? He was less than happy to see me dressed as a "sparkley sassy witch" and my pointy witch hat and glittery makeup made him cry plenty, (although Daddy seemed rather fond of it) and Lil Man was rather put off by his beloved big sissy's get-up, too... no matter how much she adored it and kept holding the edges of her dress out while spinning around and around-- exclaiming her love for her costume. Oh well... someday Lil Man will just resign himself to ignoring the array of goofy costumes and focus instead on the things that really count to lil boys: Obtaining buckets of CANDY... and the rare chance to carry a giant plastic sword... or sport ill fitting vampire fangs... and to use one or both against his big sister who will probably be prancing around like a prissy little princess, but who could dropkick him in a second if he really irritates her & her giggly friends. Speaking of frightening things, this Halloween is not short of 'em: Just take a brave gander here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. To counteract those horrors, please sit back with a glass of warm mulled cider and proudly glance at this and this, and then celebrate the holiday as it was originally intended: No, it is not a liberal holiday of free handouts, thankyouverymuch Sean Insannity, it is "one last hurrah" before the deep cold sets in and remembering fondly your cherished dead loved ones. Happy Halloween!
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