Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wedding anniversary, pumpkin farm... and of course... baseball

Hubby and I are off to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary this weekend. We kicked things off by going to a pumpkin farm nearby. It is an annual outing, so we were excited to take Lil Man's pictures amongst the pumpkins, just as we were when we first took BabyGirl there a few yrs ago (yrs that have since flown by far toooo quickly... sob... sniff.) We were also especially happy that no unfortunate accidents befell us while there that might require us to seek the help of SCHIP. Because ya know, as a married middle class family with 2 kids, we don't happen to be BushCo's beloved oh-so rich folks who deserve massive tax breaks... err... deserve corporate handouts... err... deserve state assisted insurance for regular working class folks, who have the misfortune to happen upon a catastrophic illness or accident, and then private insurance dumps like a hot potato with the Black plague. But who knows... maybe if we're REALLY REALLY lucky... someday... Hillbilly Heroin Limbaugh will make fun of my kids on Hannity & colmes. Tonight, Hubby plans on getting me a bit inebriated, just in case The Tribe doesn't fare well at Fenway (or so he tells me...nudge, nudge... say no more, say no more.) But if that horrific event happens, I'm sure all of you will feel a strange feeling in the air. Just know that it is probably me... and it is really nothing to be alarmed about... unless you happen to be a member of the Red Sox... and you fear having a hex cast upon you. Cheers! And to Hubby: I love you. I love you. I love you. I love our friendship, I love our marriage, I love our little family, and I'd marry you all over again... in less than a heartbeat.

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