Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pumpkin hunting in Amish country

Here's BabyGirl taking a breather amidst a sea of pumpkins. We may hate our state of Ohio's sea of corrupt Repukes, but we LOVED to spend yesterday in our gorgeous Ohio fall weather at a pumpkin farm. It lies just inside an Amish- Mennonite community about 30 mins from our home, and in addition to offering miles of pumpkins to choose from, they give hay rides, pony rides, allow you to walk thru their barns and visit their chickens, horses, cows, goats, and sheep, and sell fabulous blooming mums in pots, candy and popcorn balls. In addition to our 3 giant pumpkins, BabyGirl and I bought a handful of Chupa-Chups whistle pops and drove Hubby to near insanity as we screeched these whistles the entire ride home. Once home, we built a fire in the Ben Franklin stove, ate hot bowls of chili that had been cooking all day in the crock pot, and then bundled up in blankets and took very needed naps in front of the fire... a perfect family day.
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