Friday, October 13, 2006

Chris Shays (R-CT) defends Hastert's cover-up of pedophilia by invoking 1969's Chappaquidick... what about Laura Bush's 1963 fatal car accident?

When you have to bring up Kennedy's Chappaquidick incident in order to defend a GOP pedophilia cover-up, how bad does the election situation have to be?(via TPM): "Rep Chris Shays is calling Sen Ted Kennedy a killer. The Hartford Courant reports that Shays lashed out at Kennedy while defending Speaker of the House Hastert's handling of Foleygate. Kennedy campaigned for Shays' Dem foe Diane Farrell last wk. Shays, referring to Kennedy's 1969 car accident, said: "I know the speaker didn't go over a bridge and leave a young person in the water, and then have a press conference the next day. Dennis Hastert didn't kill anybody." Hastert didn't kill anybody? Hastert has been the Speaker of the House for 6 yrs. Whether or not he has blood on his hands is certainly a matter of interpretation. But besides all of that, Chappaquidick happened in 1969. If we're going to dig up old stuff that involves cars and dead folks, why not bring up Laura Bush's 1963 car accident in Midland TX when the then Laura Welch ran a stop sign at an intersection, crashed into her boyfriend's car, broke his neck, killed him, and received not as much as a ticket? Seems to me that Laura got away with murder, huh? But notice the Repuke habitual hypocrites neglect to mention that. I think the Repubs should all use this in their campaign ads. "Sure, we all covered up the fact that one of our guys was a sexual predator going after young boys, but hey, at least we didn't kill anybody!" Well... at least they haven't killed anybody in a car... err... scratch that... at least they haven't killed anybody on a BRIDGE in a car... err... scratch that... at least they haven't killed anybody on a BRIDGE in a CAR that was in America and NOT Iraq. But how will these same hypocrites defend Karl Rove twisting Foley's arm to stay in his congressional seat --AFTER Foley annnounced in early 06 that he wanted to retire to become a lobbyist and certainly AFTER how many Repukes knew about and covered up his trolling for boys-- so that the GOP could keep control of the House AND Rove's secret pledge to give millions to the NRCC? Besides the usual Blame it all on Clinton" crap, I'm sure they will somehow defend Rove's actions by enacting a "Gay Purge from the GOP." It will appease the Religious Fright, and who knows?... maybe they will even dig out those spiffy pink triangle badges that the Nazis used so they can all immediately identify 'The Gays" and their vast secret homo conspiracy?
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