Monday, October 09, 2006

In NYTs: Religious Fright still heart their child molesting GOP

According to the NYTs: Evangelicals blame Foley, not the Republicans for Foley's pedophilia scandal and coverup. In fact, in case you forget how truly mentally ill Bush's base is, read the entire article. It contains truly memorable Religious Fright quotes like this: "Scott O’Connell, who described himself as a fundamentalist. "But there is a bigger moral issue which I would say is the prism I view this through: I do not believe in homosexuality." Okay... so I guess a cover up of that homosexual's pedophilic crimes IS acceptable to you and you can believe in those who did the coverup, huh? Or what about this gem?: David Thomas, said that the scandal only reinforced his conservative Christian convictions. "That is the problem we have in society. Nobody polices anybody. Everybody has a 'right' to do whatever." Oh... I see. The REAL problem is that we're not POLICING anybody. What would he suggest? Govt cameras a la Big Brother bolted to everyone's forehead? Maybe then we would all see how in fact, the GOP leadership DID give Foley "the right" to do whatever. I have to wonder how those Kool-Aid guzzlers could explain away this from the WashPost: Rep. Kolbe (R) shown sexually explicit Foley emails in the yr 2000! Oh that's right... it is simply just somehow all mysteriously Dem Nancy's Pelosi's fault. Maybe these delusional devoted need to just talk a gander at Dem Rahm Emanuel as he cuts off the GOP defense of Foley off at the knees. I pray that TIME is correct and that the days of the "Republican Revolution" and their stranglehold on the 3 branches of govt are severely numbered. But how many freaking scandals and crimes do these insane poeple need before they realize that their party is rotten w/ corruption?... including this new breaking GOP scandal about Rep Duncan Hunter.
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