Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Attaboy FoxNews & Bill O'Reilly: Let's LIE and Wrongly Label Mark Foley as a Dem

Hey folks, when all else fails, just LIE and wrongly label the REPUBLICAN guy caught preying upon little boys as a DEMOCRAT. It apparantly works for Fox News on Bill O'Reilly's show. No spin zone my ass. We've all heard that Foley suddenly claimed that he was an alcoholic and needed rehab to somehow weakly cover his ass for pedophilia. Hmm... ya know what? Maybe it is just me, but Foley's problem isn't 16 yr old Scotch... it IS 16 yr old boys, but according to former GOP Rep. Joe Scarborough, also of FL, who entered Congress the same yr as Foley, Joe told Chris Matthews that he has not only NEVER personally seen Foley have a drink in his hand or heard that Foley spent time boozing it up w/lobbyists (as did Repuke lush Tom DeLay) but Scarborough said he has asked as many men and women who would know better if they have ever seen or knew Foley to drink, and all of them answered NO. But if Foley is actually gonna go w/this entire "I had no idea what I was doing 'cause I was drunk" defense, then I think EVERY single vote Foley has EVER made should be re-examined, especially in light of this IM w/a high school boy (via ABC): "Mark Foley (R-FL) interrupted a vote on the floor of the House in 2003 to engage in Internet sex with a high school student who had served as a congressional page and promised to provide the admitted underage page w/alcohol during a proposed date, according to new Internet instant messages provided to ABC by former pages. This message was dated April 2003, at approximately 7 pm, according to the message time stamp (and was at the time that HR 1559, Emergency War Time supplemental appropriations bill was being voted on)... good to see when our troops in Iraq need money, Foley's spank off time was way more important, huh? And I love how Foley's lawyer stated this: At no time did Foley have sexual contact w/ a minor. Now in DC, the age of consent is 16 yrs and above, so Foley could have been boffing 16 yr olds, and according to the law, that kid would not be a minor. But here's an issue that needs to be looked into: What is the age of consent in Cali... specifically San Diego? (via ABC): "Foley met with an underage page in San Diego, a meeting which they spoke about in an instant message exchange from April, 2003. Maf54: I miss you lots since san diego." Hmm... I wonder what exactly Foley was missing that he got in San Diego. And in addition to all of the ridiculous cover their own asses crapola from Repukes Denny Hastert (who actually claims Foley victims are out to get him), Tom Reynolds (who actually surrounded himself w/kids from a daycare at a press conference so reporters couldn't ask Reynolds any questions about Foley... see the pix here... classy, no?), John Boehner (who tossed Hastert under a bus), the great Left Wing Conspiracy (although ABC says all the sources are Repukes, NOT Dems) the various FL newspapers & Fox News which obtained these exact same ABC News emails and IMs over a yr ago yet refused to investigate them, and the apparant Foley-payoff money to keep the Repukes who fully knew what was up very, very quiet, I can't believe wingnuts like Tony Perkins are blaming Foley's actions on diversity (yep... it isn't pedophilia or the cover up... it is our damn liberal diversity) and Hannity is blaming it on... who else?: CLINTON! Hannity says that Monica was 19 yrs old when she blew Bill. Except that is an ABSOLUTE bald faced lie. Monica didn't even meet Bill until Nov of '95 she was a 22 yr old college graduate/ WH intern... there is a big difference between an adult college grad and an underage high schooler you lying sack of gangrenous shit, and Rep Ray LaHood (R-IL) who is actually saying that the real folks to be blamed for this are Hastert's staff and the Dems b/c of the page scandal in 1983. LaHood claims that if Dems had gotten rid of the 183 yr old tradition of pages being entrusted to the care of Congress back in '83, this never would have happened. Okay. Let's not blame the pedophile who trolled for boys and spanked off online w/ them. No, let's blame the Dems from 16 yrs ago and let's toss the entire page program b/c hypocritical lawmaking Repuke pedophiles simply can't be expected to keep their predatory paws off of children, now should they? Combined w/that convenient alcoholic excuse, it sounds to me like the Repukes are the party of enablers and complete non-responsibility, but what else is new?
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