Friday, September 29, 2006

Torture Vote: Of course it passed. Dubya tortured animals as a kid... whad'ya expect?

I'm sure Mama Barbara the Barbarian is oh-so-proud of her son getting that torture bill thru. She's probably even more proud of this than she was when lil Georgie would shove fire crackers up the rectums of frogs and blow them to bits. Well... everyone always has said George is much more like his mama Barbara than like his papa George the Elder. So with a quick vote, and next to no meaningful debate or even an acknowledgement of harsh facts, America has now proudly joined the "club." That club being those nations who torture and treat habeas corpus, the Constitution, and the Geneva Conventions like inconvenient nuisances. And forget that the NYTs calls this piece of trash legislation: "A tyrannical law that will be ranked with the low points in American democracy, our generation’s version of the Alien and Sedition Acts." C'mon people! The truly important talking point for the Repukes is this: Dennis Hastert got to put his box of glazed donuts down and accuse us Dems of coddling terrorists and daring to care about their rights while in our custody. And hey! In case you ever wanted to know what exactly waterboarding looks like, check this out. Way to go Repukes and spineless Dems. Did you even think to kiss America goodbye before you raped her and tossed her --dirty, used, and bruised-- over the cliff? I'd say that I'm holding out hope that the Supreme Court will declare this insane shit 100% unconstitutional, but when we have Rep Steven King (R-IA) running around spewing his Repuke torture happy crap that the Supreme Court was wrong to decide Hamdan was unconstitutional, and when we have a suddenly repentant and panicking retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor warning us, about the Prez in an interview w/ Jeffrey Toobin of CNN, where I half expected her to bite her fist and tell us how sorry she is for the crumbling state of affairs of the SCOTUS, I just don't feel so hopeful. And sorry Justice O'Connor that you feel so badly NOW, but bitch, you put Crazy George in office when you SELECTED him in 2000, and gave the crazy bastard more control by retiring under his insane watch this year, and while I applaud O'Connor galavanting around America-- giving speeches about how scared she is for judges and Justices as they come under fierce attack from the WH and politicians and are being labeled as "activist judges" by wingnuts, I'm not feeling so good about that last line of protection We the People are supposed to have against these fascist fuckers anymore. Especially since this unspeakable trainwreck of a torture bill allows Dubya the frog killer to declare ANYONE he wants an enemy combatant and he can do WHATEVER he wants with them. Our elected officials just said he could.
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