Thursday, September 28, 2006

Olbermann's anthrax hoax scare & Keith knocks another BushCo 9/11 lie outta the ball park

A few days ago, info arose about Bill O'Reilly claiming to be on an al Qaeda "hitlist" along w/ Fox News. As lovely as it might be to entertain the thought of Bill O being in an orange jumpsuit w/ a group of masked men standing behind him ready to behead him at any second, the claim was proven to be absolutely 100% false. I guess Bill O's pompous self bloat got in the way of the truth, huh? But then on Weds' Countdown, Keith divulged the awful secrets behind an anthrax hoax in the mail he had to endure at his own home! Why did he divulge the info? B/c the NY Post had already broken the story. What did the NY Post do? Blew it off, made fun of Keith by feminizing him, and completely disobeyed FBI orders to NOT print the info, and went ahead and printed it. Now who among us would NOT be scared shitless to receive a threatening letter (w/ an unknown powder) in our home that stated that the letter and contents were revenge for daring to say what you've been saying on air about Pres Bush after the post 9/11 anthrax scares? I'm sure after Weds' broadcast, Keith might just receive even more scary mail. Keith provides a fierce bitchslapping to the bogus Lying Condi claim that Clinton left BushCo no counterterrorism tools in place and that BushCo did everything to prevent 9/11 and that Clinton did nothing. (For more info on a "Bush did nothing to prevent 9/11 timeline", check this out and for a '99 Wash Post article that praises all of the focus Clinton put on bin Laden, check this out.) If I were Keith, I'd invest in a SERIOUS security system for my home, consider putting in a panic room, and hire a big, beefy, and burly bodyguard.
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