Wednesday, September 27, 2006

7 Point Plan by the Religious Fright to fight the deadly "Gay Agenda"

I know I should be posting about Lying Condi spinning blatant tales to cover up for her fuckup boyfriend, or showing this shocking graph that proves how terrorism has sharply RISEN under BushCo's watch & launch of the Iraq war, or posting about the clearly delusional Bush's latest debacle with the completely chopped up yet declassified NIE (PDF of it here), or even about the secret second NIE that is supposedly even more damning and damaging than the first one, yet BushCo is keeping in the dark, but I just had to post about this b/c it made me physically ill to read. In case you wondered what the Religious Fright wants to shove down your throat and especially the throats of your children, then read this 7 Point Plan to help you fight homosexuality. Oh yes... it is the fight against that deadly gay agenda, and the assault this "chosen lifestyle" has on the sensibilities of the oh-so brave Culture Warriors like Bill O'Reilly. This is the type of poison that is being fed to kids in the name of religion. I was torn between laughing outloud at the ridiculousness, and swallowing down that small amount of vomit that kept coming up in the back of my mouth. I wonder why these folks have cherry picked over the parts of Leviticus that tells your kids what a sin eating shellfish is, how females should be shunned during menstruation, how girls can be married at the unimaginable age of 12, how adulterers can be stoned to death, how sinful it is to plant more than one crop in the same field or wear clothes made of mixed materials, or how owning slaves is A-okay? Oh that's right... if they had to actually live this holier than thou crap that they spew, we would see what hypocrites, bigots & non-Christians they really are. And since they want everyone to repress their true sexuality, get married and live hetero lives even if they're gay, they will of course be volunteering their own daughters and sons to marry these secretly gay men and lesbians, right? B/c let's face it: Nothing makes for a happier and healthier marriage than that kind of deeply closeted Brokeback Mountain mentality, no?
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