Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hey GOP? Since you passed Bush's torture bill, have you seen these missing ladies?

If you see these 2 missing ladies, please let some patriot who truly loves America and our rule of law know, m'kay? The tall green lady is French, so I'm not holding out much hope for her b/c the "Old Europe-hating" Repukes have probably blown her to bits and have buried her deep in NY Harbor by now, but the sword carrying lady with the scales is a Roman goddess and she could probably kick some serious GOP ass if she weren't blindfolded. As for habeas corpus, well... who cares, right? I mean it is just so old and passe in 2006, no? Now I admit: I have been ashamed of my nation's behavior before. But the passing of Bush's torture bill really is the icing on the maggot ridden, rotten Bush cake. It is not just that this unspeakable bill tosses aside the 800+yr old tradition of habeas corpus (which is Latin for "You have the body" in reference to a nation demanding to be shown the physical body of their citizens in order to see if that citizen had been tortured while in custody and to see if they have been imprisoned unlawfully), and it's not just that all civilized nations have upheld habeas corpus since the days of the Magna Carta and this concept is even a founding part of our beloved Constitution, it also is b/c this evil bill tosses our beloved missing ladies, Lady Liberty and Lady Justice, over a cliff at 100 mph after lighting them on fire. I wish some heartsick Dems would slap together a milk carton campaign to see if we can find them all, but I'm sure the Repukes would pull some equally shady trick as they did Weds evening when they passed this horrifying piece of Bush garbage by holding a revote when 2 Dems were out of the room at an already pre-scheduled news conference on Medicare. Yes, you read that right. They had already held the vote and lost, then waited for the 2 Dems to leave the room, pulled some Tom DeLay strongarm tactics and then forced a vote thru and *voila* passed the bill! And as if that wasn't bad enough, wanna guess what other slithering shady crapola the House pulled on us Americans Weds night?: "The House Intelligence Committee approved by voice vote a bill that would put into law the admin's warrentless wiretapping program. The sponsor, Rep. Heather Wilson, (R-NM) had rewritten the measure to make it more Bush's liking. The Wilson bill (PDF here) gives the president the power to declare a pre-emptive state of emergency and have free rein to wiretap Americans and search their homes without court warrants if the President submits a secret letter to the heads of Congress, Congressional Intelligence committees, and the secret court set up to handle wiretapping warrants." See America? It isn't ILLEGAL surveillance when Bush says it isn't, just as rewriting the Geneva Conventions, taking a giant dump on habeas corpus, and legalizing illegal torture isn't wrong when Bush says it isn't. Dontcha feel better? But that won't last long b/c we had better prepare for this: Amerika uber alles. It's starting people. We are 1937 Germany and moving steadily ahead. So who knows? Maybe the missing ladies really ran away flailing and crying in fear and shame instead of being abducted, huh? God knows it is what I'm ready to do at any given moment.
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