Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reality check: Bush Bonaparte's Attempt to Legalize Torture

Can we for 1 min please put Bush's attempt to legalize torture in the proper perspective and face an ugly, ugly reality? Simply put, wanting to legalize torture, refusing to allow detainees to see the evidence against them, and rewriting the Geneva Conventions are NOT the actions of a President in a law-abiding democracy. These are the actions of an cut-throat Emperor. When the WH refuses to even allow former Bush Sec of State Colin Powell, former Reagan Sec of State George Shulz, former tortured POW now Sen John McCain (whose anti-torture position, by the way, we are told should be ignored b/c he is "crazy" due to being a tortured POW, and will only hurt his chances of being the GOP choice in '08 b/c a TRUE Repuke embraces torture), military lawyer (JAG) and Sen Lindsey Graham, nine former federal judges beg the Pres and Congress to NOT trample on Habeas Corpus, and at least 29 retired military brass and Def Dept officials dare to THINK that rewriting the Geneva Conventions, refusing to allow detainess to even see the evidence against them and legalizing torture is an immoral way to "fight" a so-called moral war, we the people stand only to lose bigtime. Just see how military lawyer Sen Lindsey Graham and Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley sum it up. Who will come to America's aid in times of need? Who will respect us when we know for a fact that innocent people have been wrongly tortured and detained? Who will think for 1 second that anything we do is done legally or "morally" if we allow Bush to get away with this? If you are willing to sacrifice your beliefs in civilized behaviour, and if you are willing to convict prisoners on secret evidence, perhaps obtained by torture, can you explain to me how "you" are any different from "them"? Isn't the whole point of being in the right actually being in the right? If you abandon your principles and wage a war the same way as terrorists do, how can you possibly claim any kind of moral superiority? We can't have it both ways. We can't say that we're the morally upright, bringing freedom, democracy & liberty to every street corner of the globe, while our President and Att Gen are announcing to the world that we'll sell our morals if the right flimsy argument comes along. Not to mention the fact that BushCo's immoral actions have been the greatest recruitment tool for terrorists as the Muslim-extremists being targeted right now are having their cause fueled by our decline in standards. I'm already fed up with paying for the deaths, maimings, and complete destruction of Iraqi and US lives with my taxes. I sure as hell am not willing to pay for the clearly illegal and immoral and utterly ineffectual use of waterboarding, either. But sadly, I am totally prepared for Bush Bonaparte to get what he wants by simply using YET another signing statement to clearly tell us that we can piss up a rope when it comes to maintaining some shred of dignity for our nation and attempting to keep the Empty-Headed Emperor's cut-throat powers in check.
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