Saturday, September 16, 2006

President shows how pissy his pants are by throwing a hissy fit

Wow. I have never been more ashamed of having this pissy panted 5 yr old as my President: Bush admitted to running secret prisons last wk and now he is threatening to take his ball home and throw a hissy fit if he isn't allowed to rewrite the Geneva Conventions to avoid prosecution for these very war crimes he just admitted to... and then to add insult to injury, he shows his true tantrum colors at a press conference (via Ezra Klein): "This is by far the pissiest press conference Bush has given. He's furious. I assume his feet are manacled behind the microphone. Otherwise, he'd be stalking across the stage, tearing apart the podium, and occasionally leaping into the crowd to rip out David Gregory's heart. The content is no finer than the normal Bush fare, but the attitude is entirely different. Where Bush is generally petulant and unhappy at these events, he's now snapping at reporters, straightforwardly insulting them, yelling from the podium, losing control, and generally evincing a combativeness and barely suppressed rage that I've never seen from him before." Bush refused to accept reporter David Gregory’s question which is very relevant to the discussion about Article III of the Geneva Conventions, and resorts to trying to humiliate Greogory (watch via Crooks & Liars). Funny, but Article III was never vague before. So why now exactly? Oh yeah... b/c the big baby with the pissy President pants says so.
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