Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why I blog the way I do

This pix of BabyGirl "in stereo" was taken on my lifelong best friend DJDeweyKablooie's Mac. Hubby and I had a very busy day today... the post below will clue ya in some of our activities, so my posts will be short... but when asshat testicleless anonymous commenters leave nasty little comments for me about why do I "dare" to question Der Bushler's fascist motives and document his many crimes, I just take one look at BabyGirl's face, I have my answer: I owe my kid this. She is counting on me to question why exactly the Repukes are fighting us Dems tooth and nail in their GOP attempts to whip it out and piss on our Constitution w/the clearly illegal NSA spying on US citizens. She is counting on me to fight against the Repukes who want to give their beloved despot kingly rights over our Constitution. She is counting on me to make certain that our basic democratic right of ONE MAN/ ONE VOTE is upheld and that the Repukes and their sychophant criminal vote stealers Diebold have their vote stealing and hacking exposed. She is counting on me to fight against the wingnut's theocratic/ Christian Dominionists' vision for America as Bush tells folks he envisions a GOP-led Crusades Sequel... a lil something he fondly calls a "Third Awakening" of religious devotion in the US that just happens to coincide w/ our struggle against internatl terrorists-- a war that he depicts as "a confrontation between good and evil." She is counting on me... and I don't let my kid down.
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