Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11th: 5 years later

5 yrs ago, Hubby and I awoke to our phone ringing off the hook. It was my lifelong best friend calling us to tell us to turn on the TV immediately b/c a plane flew into the WTC. Hubby had the day off, and I only had to work a half day. We had planned on sleeping in, but hearing the panic in my friend's voice, we turned on CNN. We were shocked and couldn't believe what we were seeing before our very eyes. We sat down on the couch and cried together, my friend was crying on the phone. We started flipping thru channels, trying to see what other channels were saying. Our local Cleveland news began reporting about Delta 1989 (or was it Flight 93?) stopping at Cleveland Hopkins airport, and Hubby and I looked at each other in horror-- thinking: My God? How is Ohio connected to this? We spent so much time watching the news, that I had to rush to get ready for work, but once I set foot in my building, it was beyond obvious that everyone was walking around like zombies. Parents were leaving work early and getting their kids home-- safe and sound-- as quickly as possible. Teaching lesson was tossed out the window for the day. We had a fun afternoon of finger painting, duck duck goose, and making macaroni necklaces. On the way home from work, I was stuck in traffic, and I heard that Tower 7 collapsed. All I could think was: WTF? How in the hell did that building catch on fire let alone collapse? As soon as I got in the door, Hubby (being the thoughtful dear he is) had picked up a pizza and had Barcardi coolers chilling in the fridge. We wanted to see what BBC America's news had to say about Tower 7 collapsing, but they were completely clueless how it ever caught on fire in the 1st place and how it collapsed. That feeling that I had in my car in the back of my neck that something was VERY wrong about this entire situation worsened. When we watched the 11pm local news, and they were changing and backtracking the Delta 1989 info, I thought something was up... especially when the story was pretty much squashed in all Cleveland news broadcasts by late Sept 12th, but when so much info was coming and going, it could have just been a mistake. The feeling that something wasn't right about this day never left me for many reasons, but in Oct of '01, I became pregnant w/my BabyGirl, and in Nov of '01, Hubby and I purchased our home, so I had many other things that demanded my immediate attention. As I look back on this 5 day anniversary, I cannot ignore the blatant shortcomings and disservices BushCo has done to our nation and our security: 1) Counterterrorism officials say Osama bin Laden trail is stone cold, and has been for over 2 yrs. 2) Sec of Def Rumsfeld forbade military strategists to develop plans for securing a postwar Iraq. 3) Afghanistan is 2 steps from crumbling into civil war like Iraq, the Taliban is back and stronger than ever, and progress is pretty much a dream. 4) Finally, a Senator says what so many of us feel: This war in Iraq should have never been waged, and Bush lied to us to launch it. 5) A UK officer resigns b/c he can no longer be a part of this "pointless war." 6) Cheney and Condi are still lying about Iraq and al Qaida connections, 7) Pentagon reports that we have lost the Anbar province in Iraq, and the Marines say there is no hope. 8) BushCo has changed EPA reports after 9/11 to hide evidence of WTC illnesses. 9) Repukes have to lie and make things up in a crappy ABC movie to smear the previous admin to take the heat off of their own blatant f-ck ups, and 10) Cheney, just like Rummy, says that any war criticism is abetting the terrorists. So, the real question is what really happened on 9/11 and how in the hell are we any safer than we were that morning 5yrs ago?
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