Friday, September 08, 2006

The 2003 Reagan miniseries was pulled from CBS due to the outcry that it was not accurate

Forget the fact that we as Americans owe it to the 9/11 dead that the absolute truth be told. Forget the fact that Prez Clinton himself has asked for ABC to simply tell the truth. Forget that when CBS put together a Reagan miniseries that was to air in late 2003, the GOP/conservative outcry was that the miniseries was simply NOT ACCURATE and therefore should not be aired, that Brent Bozo Bozell cried: "This was a left-wing smear of one of the nation's most beloved presidents and CBS got caught," and this screaming from the rooftops led to that miniseries being pulled after the NYTs reported details of the script, which stressed Reagan's forgetfulness, his reportedly negative attitudes about AIDS and gays, and Nancy Reagan was painted as a control freak who relied on her astrologer for advice ... umm, let's see: Reagan had Alzheimer's, so he was frickin forgetful, in Reagan's authorized biography, "Dutch" by Edmund Morris, is this info that Reagan once said of AIDS and gays, "Maybe the Lord brought down this plague b/c illicit sex is against the Ten Commandments," and according to this very interview w/ Barbara Bush, Nancy was a queen bitch control freak who relied on her astrologer, and that Nancy's own son Ron said this about his mom: "I don't think dad would've gotten to where he got to w/o her. B/c I think she has more ambition than he does. I think if left to his own devices, he might've ended up hosting 'Unsolved Mysteries' on TV or something ... I think that she saw in him the stuff that could be president, and she kept pushing." And let's forget that even though at the time of the GOP outcry, the Reagan miniseries had not been seen in its entirety by critics or the public, and it was certainly not fowarded to any Dem/liberal pundits or talk radio guys, unlike in the case w/ this ABC mock-u-mentary. So let's forget all of that, b/c when you really get down to it, this is really exactly what ABC and Disney want to say to Americans about 9/11... hat tip to Earl.
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