Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How do you sell a war? Well... watch this...

Next week, ABC will be showing a miniseries called "The Path to 9/11". The purpose of this miniseries? To lay the blame for 9/11 squarely at the feet of former Pres Clinton. Of course, this is complete crap, given that the Repukes blocked every attempt Clinton made to do anything about terrorism as is clearly shown via this April, 16, 1996 CNN article and via this July 30, 1996 CNN article. Seriously, you have to read the unfrickin-believable quotes in this article by Repukes like Trent Lott & Orrin Hatch in regards to the things Clinton wanted to do like tracking explosives and expanded wiretapping, and they even called Clinton's terrorism concerns "phony issues." Of course, if Dems dared to treat Bush the beloved War prez like this, there would be "GOP cry your eyes out" and "GOP piss your pants" parties broadcast 24 hrs a day on that mythical liberal media. And speaking of that mythical liberal media, it should be noted that in June, The Liberty Film Foundation and Festival -- Hollywood's reactionary answer to Sundance -- merged with David Horowitz's Freedom Center (yes, the same Pat Robertson ass kisser Horowitz who also claims Ann Coulter is a natl treasure and who desperately wants Israel to nuke Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria) to crank up the propaganda war machine. Their latest effort? The very same "Path to 9/11" that ABC will be showing next wk. Of course, this is the same ABC Disney Capital Cities, Inc., that backed out of distributing Fahrenheit 9/11 b/c they felt it was too controversial for ticket buying movie theater audiences, and it is the same ABC Disney Capital Cities, Inc. that apparently has no problem showing this 9/11 propaganda project done by an intimate of the Shah of Iran's family (Cyrus Nowrashteh) to bolster Bush's and the GOP's sagging fortunes to sitting on the couch TV audiences. And if Diebold hands the GOP the same victories they have handed to them yr after yr, we just never know what a GOP-contolled Congress returning in 2007 will rubberstamp when it comes to Bush and a war with Iran, now do we? A war, by the way, that might very well put Nowrashteh and his Pahlavi associates back in power in Tehran, after being conveniently already pre-sold to American TV audiences. For a small education (57 mins to be exact) on how exactly wars are sold, please check out this documentary "War is Sell" by Brian Standing via Information Clearinghouse. The link to this video comes to me courtesy of NZ, an Iraqi online friend who always has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all crimes BushCo. NZ is so good at digging up dirt on BushCo, I have told him that he should have his own blog. Hopefully one day, he will. Now go toss out that heaping glass of GOP Kool-Aid in the trash and watch this video, and keep this in mind when you hear the wingnuts and freepers have orgasms of joy over the ABC 9/11 propaganda spew next wk (and feel free to drop ABC a line to let 'em know how you feel)... and if it were a legit 9/11 documentary, why did ABC suddenly yank the blog about "The Path to 9/11" down?
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