Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Broken Branch of Govt & Silencing Dissent is BushCo's Personal Brand of Fascism

Yeah... that is Betty Bowers with the look of disdain on her face in that pix, but that look perfectly sums up the complete nonsensical spew of a recent testicleless anonymous idiot who likes to stalk my blog. You see, according to this inbred moron, we who dare to discuss and point out the plethora of Neo-Con/ BushCo crimes are what is wrong with America... NOT the actual Neo-Con/ BushCo crimes. I know... he clearly needs the Jaws of Life to remove his head from his ass, but is this kind of thinking any different from what Rummy is spewing? Rummy is telling everyone that if you dare to criticize the war in Iraq, then you are a fascist lover and equal the Nazi appeasers of WWII. See, it is never what they have done or continue to do-- the "real" problem is those of us who dare to speak up. Nice. I'm sure the Taliban, bin Laden and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be proud. But when it comes to what is ailing America, a new book called The Broken Branch, written by reknown political authors Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein, states what some of the real problem currently is: A GOP led Congress that has consciously chosen to do Bush's bidding-- regardless of what disasterous effects that kind of bending over has on America, and a press corps which has been silent about these crimes and has refused to hold their feet to the fire. Here's their CNN interview w/Kitty Pilgrim: PILGRIM: In your book you say, "Congress has had its ups and downs in realizing the intentions of the framers. Sadly, today it is down, very much the broken branch of govt." Now, how is this Congress failing the Amer public? ORNSTEIN: It's failing it in a lot of ways. One is in the process. The rules and norms that govern any institution, now they're stretched beyond belief. Votes that are supposed to take 15 mins take 3 hrs. There's no sense of bringing a bill to the floor after people have taken a look at it, 2000 pg bills come up in the middle of the night w/ nobody having examined them beforehand. There's no oversight of what the executive branch does. And bad process in this case leads to bad policy. PILGRIM: Why is this? Why suddenly? MANN: It didn't develop overnight. The seeds of the problems of the broken branch were planted decades ago. Near the end of the democratic reign in the House, many of these same problems were emerging, but they took on a sort of special form when we had the 1st united Republican govt since Eisenhower. The focus was on passing Bush's program and nothing else mattered. So the major leaders in Congress saw themselves as lieutenants of the president, not as custodians of the first branch of govt, the lynch pin of American democracy, and so they didn't look out for how that process ought to operate, how they ought to stand up to the exec branch. PILGRIM: What should the Amer public do? MANN: It all has to start w/ the voters. ORNSTEIN: We need ethics and lobbying reform desperately. And Congress has just given the back of the hand to that. So, we have got to have members of Congress who will say that we're going to abide by the rules that we have. And frankly, we need a press corps that is even more vigilant that holds them to account, put their feet to the fire. We haven't had as much as we need, in the last few yrs. Wa-wa- what? A press corps that will actually point out and discuss the plethora of Neo-Con/ BushCo crimes so that us voters can make educated voting decisions not based on propaganda? Tsk tsk tsk... I have the feeling Rummy and the testicleless moron blog stalker won't like that, eh? THAT hinders their personal fascism and the spread of their agenda.
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