Monday, August 28, 2006

Wow! Iraqis get to live like us now: Outrageous prices, a less than living wage & unemployment

Read this foreboding article about what exactly the average US consumer is facing in our faltering economy. And it won't just hurt us regular folks... it is going to hurt sellers, vendors and small businesses especially. But always remember: the Repukes claim to care about us average joes and small buinesses. And after reading this from the NYTs, you'll see the odd similarities between the 2 articles and ask yourself: Isn't it heartwarming to see what our BushCo "liberation" has brought the Iraqis? Now, in addition to a raging civil war, little to no electricity or running water, the Iraqis get to suffer under high prices for everything, outrageous gas prices (except they get to wait in loooong lines to pay for their overpriced gas, which is a wee bit strange since they sit on a 3rd of the entire world's oil), they have massive unemployment, skyrocketing prices for basic staples while those lucky enough to work have less than a living wage. And here is what average Iraqis say about their lives, whether they are consumers or vendors: "What’s our life today? We are working only for gas, ice and electricity. There is no savings." and "Most people buy half what they used to. The meat and vegetables sit here and rot." Nice... and with an inflation rate that is now 70% (up from 32% from last yr only)and wages that lag far below the costs of goods, the average Iraqi family-- if lucky enough to avoid being blown up, accidentily shot or wrongly rounded up by our troops, or killed by a secret govt death squad-- is unable to sell or buy basic needed goods, provide needed items for their household, and can't afford to get out from the hole they've fallen into. And yet we wonder why they are not throwing chocolates, flowers, and air kisses at our feet?
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