Thursday, August 24, 2006

GOP Katrina survivor fawns all over Bush

Sweet Jesus on a moped... let's call this Mr. Delusional goes to Washington: When Rockey Vaccarella set out in his FEMA trailer, the original plan was to have the president over for dinner, but the White House said no. Rockey was getting ready to leave the area when he got an invitation to meet the president in the Oval Office. "I just had coffee with Rockey Vaccarella," Bush said. "Rockey lost everything. He and his family had every possession wiped out. And it's time to remember that people suffered." (Yeah, ya would have thought that very thought just might have crossed your mind last August, huh? But you were a lil too busy vacationing, serving cake to John McCain, strumming a guitar, and avoiding that mean old mom Cindy Sheehan.) Rockey said he made the trip to remind Bush that there was still work to be done in the Gulf, but also to thank Bush: "Thank you for the FEMA trailer. Thank you for what you've done. I just wish the president could have another term in Washington. (turning towards Bush) You know, I wish you had another 4 years, man. If we had this president for another 4 years, I think we'd be great." WTF was dropped in your coffee, Rockey? We'd be great? Great as in we'd be in a full blown fascism if he had another 4 yrs? Great as in we'd be knee deep in blood and a natl bankruptcy due to another war or 2 in another 4 yrs? Great as in we'd have achieved the theocratic goal of appointing more wingnut Justices who would make abortion and all contraceptives illegal in another 4 yrs? Great as in we'd all get to watch Bush's kingly coronation on tv in another 4 yrs? Great as in we'd be the full fledged sharecropper society that the Repukes have been envisioning since the time the Dems & FDR "dared" to recognize that Social Darwinism was not an American value that we should embrace? Umm Rockey... here's a tip: Stop drinking out of the Bayou Idiot's cup, and you can take THAT horrific nightmare vision of another BushCo term and shove right it up your FEMA trailer's tailpipe, m'kay?
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