Friday, August 25, 2006

Holy Xenu! Richard Armitage met w/Tom Cruise

Now I've let my opinion about crazy-ass Tom Cruise be aired in at least 2 posts... but this insanity from Wonkette about PNAC document signer/ reputed "Valerie Plame bigmouth blabber to Bob Woodward" Richard Armitage is just waaay out there: "Richard Armitage, formerly of the State Dept, is now more or less outed as the first guy to tell the first reporter who Valerie Plame worked for. But much, much, much more interesting is this: WTF was he doing meeting with TOM CRUISE the SAME DAY? Along with two Church of Scientology bigwigs?" Maybe they were plotting to have Valerie Plame beamed up so that civil lawsuit she filed will go bye-bye.
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