Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who wants Liberals & Secularists Purged from Universities? Oh just Iran's crazy Mahmoud & Our GOP & Religious Fright that's who

Will someone please explain to me why it is that Repukes/ Religious Frighters claim to hate Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad/ Islamic fundamentalist when they are 2 very ugly faces of the exact same demented coin? (via Telegraph UK): Ahmadinejad tells students to purge universities of liberal professors and secular lecturers. Here's just a partial list of GOP wingnuts who have spewed the EXACT same thing about Amer universities: 1) From NPR, Conservative activist and author David Horowitz is on a mission to purge what he sees as liberal bias from universities. 2) From IrregularTimes, As part of his platform as an '08 prez candidate, Newt Gingrich has proposed eliminating tenure for university professors, and making their continued employment contingent upon support for Bush Administration policies. That's right - Gingrich is encouraging Congress to pass a law to fire professors for being what he deems to be "anti-American". 3) From PFAW, Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel (which is tied to Jerry Falwell's Liberty Univ), urged public school teachers/ public school administrators to use their positions of influence to both promote Christianity in class and to evangelize to students after class. 4) From Greg Zucker, Ben Lepak, a Ronald Reagan Scholar, created the Oklahoma Univ Ideological Society. The Society was created to monitor the voting affiliations and reading lists of professors at Oklahoma U. Need I go on? Repeat after me: 2 very ugly faces of the exact same demented coin.
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