Sunday, September 10, 2006

We the people can't honor our 9/11 dead w/reality and profanity from firefighters, instead have to have ABC's lie-filled 'Path to 9/11' spew

This is what former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani had to say about the HBO documentary called 'In Memoriam', that was released on May 26 2002 ... a mere 8 months after Sept 11th happened: Giuliani replied: ''We're going to have to remember September 11 in its reality if we don't want to rob people of the ability to relive it.'' I wonder how Giuliani feels about this: CBS said on Saturday it would broadcast the documentary "9/11" on the Internet as well as the airwaves after several affiliates said they would delay or forgo the award-winning film because it includes profanity, mainly from the firefighters (Oh, Holy Mother on a moped... far be it from horrified, emotionally raw, and terrified firefighters speaking freely and coarsely, huh?). The documentary was produced by French filmmakers Gedeon & Jules Naudet and retired NYC firefighter James Hanlon and has aired twice without incurring fines by US regulators charged with enforcing broadcast decency standards. But CBS affiliates that cover about 10% of the nation said this week that they would either not be showing the documentary at all or would only broadcast it very late at night due to the profanity." Sooo... we the people aren't able to hear horrified, physically/ emotionally raw, and awe struck firefighters curse.... but we can see ABC's universally-condemned as a lie-filled propaganda piece "Path to 9/11" for 2 whole nights?? I don't know about you, but when I first saw the footage on CNN on the morning of September 11th of the plane crashing into the 1st Tower, my reaction was a gasping screech, my hands flew to my mouth in horror, and then I cried out to my husband: "Oh my God! What just happened?? Jesus Christ. WTF just happened?" And then we sat down in numbness and horror on the couch and cried together. Real people talk and act like this. Real people react like this in unbelievable and raw situations. And REAL people deserve REAL historical accounts of that God forsaken day that left people like this poor panicking man trapped on the phone with a 911 operator REALLY dead.
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