Saturday, September 09, 2006

Let's sum up "Path to 9/11 Lies", shall we?

Hmmm, let’s see… so when it comes to "The Path to 9/11":
1) Written by uber conservatives who openly fawn over BushCo's war policies and covertly funded to the tune of $40 million by a recently discovered far right-wing/ evangelical operation (YWAM-- the founders of Youth With a Mission), operating in Hollywood (allegedly for cover) who want to "transform Hollywood from the inside out." Gee, for a religious group, I guess they chose to toss out this lil commandment, huh?: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."
2) Secretly sent advanced copies to Rush Limbaugh and other far right-wing operatives who just so happen to stridently advance the exact same inaccurate views as portrayed in the film.
3) Denied the parties actually depicted in film advanced copies of the film, including the former President of the US.
4) Condemned as, defamatory, slanderous, improvised, contrived, and grossly inaccurate by most, if not all of the people portrayed in the film, experts involved in the actual events that are depicted in the film and those involved in the supervision of the production, both liberal & CONSERVATIVE political pundits - not to mention the former govt officials who were actually depicted in the film and even actors themselves.
5) Condemned by all but 1 of the Commissioners of the 9/11 Commission itself, which is the purported and advertised basis of the legitimacy film. (The 1 exception, Tom Kean gave a changing opinion of his views of the film –and did not deny the inaccuracies, but instead Kean pointed out that Bill Clinton, the primary target of the slanderous inaccuracies was currently campaigning for the opponent of his son in an upcoming NJ mid-term Congressional election.)
6) Several FBI experts terminated their employment on the project either immediately after reading the grossly inaccurate script – or shortly after they were told their recommendations for major script changes in order to correct the gross inaccuracies were not going to occur.
7) Planned to be aired on the anniversary of the event itself, Sept 11th, a date w/ serious emotional ties to the vast majority of the American people, when 1000s of innocent (Dem, Repub, Ind and Apolitical) men, women and children were brutally murdered in one of the most serious and traumatizing events in American history. Don't they deserve the truth?
8) Planned to be aired on Public Airways a month before a major mid-term Congressional Election – and directly misrepresenting serious issues currently being discussed in the political discourse that pertain to such elections, and will only further inflame 9/11 theories.
9) Free copies planned to be distributed en masse to our Educational System via Scholastic, particularly at the high school level, where political orientation is still at a very impressionable stage.
10) Emails disclosed from officials involved in the project to far right-wing pundits stating that the (implied deliberate) slanderous inaccuracies were still “in tact” and all was still going as planned.
11) The Families of 9/11 are unhappy that ABC/Disney has whored out their beloved dead loved ones w/ lies for political smears. (PDF here)
12) Repeated fraudulent misrepresentations and advertisements of the film as being based on the 9/11 commission - even AFTER the 9/11 Commission itself had publicly condemned the film as a grossly inaccurate representation of their bi-partisan findings.
13) Just take a look at this European trailer for "Path to 9/11". It says boldy: THE OFFICIAL TRUE STORY... officially true to whom?? Liars?
….did we miss anything?
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