Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Syrians foil attempt to attack US Embassy

Oh for fuck's sake... is this how launching a war against Syria will be justified?: From Haaretz: "4 attackers were killed Tues, as Syrian security forces foiled an apparent bid to storm the US embassy in Damascus. 2 Syrian guards were reported to have been killed in the attack, which the Syrian interior minister termed a "terrorist attack." Hmm.. so the Syrians protected our embassy and even died while doing it? One would think that would prevent us from waging war against Syria, but who TF knows since BushCo tossed us into a war against a nation that had no WMDs, had no connection to 9/11, and no connection to al-Qaida? Well, there is always this angle to be considered, too: The BBC correspondent in Jordan’s Amman confirmed that 2 men in a car with Lebanese license plates opened fire at the building of the US Embassy in Damascus. Oh, well thankfully we helped Israel destroy all of Lebanon, huh? I mean really... these folks just hate us for our freedoms... sigh... gosh knows it wouldn't have anything to do w/someone wanting revenge for helping Israel destroy their nation.
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