Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New online movie: 9/11: Press for Truth

I thought I would post about Bush's 9/11 address to the nation...but really?... what is the point? We all knew what to expect and what the gist would be: Iraq, more lies, more spin, Iraq, more fearmongering, Iraq, we're the only ones who can keep you safe America w/ our inept incompetence, and yes, even more Iraq. Alas... Bush never fails to disappoint. So instead, how about some signs of hope? Matt Lauer makes Bush all pissy when Lauer "dares" to ask him real questions, here is a list of who/ what to boycott to let ABC/ Disney know you don't appreciate their ABC lie-fest, Pres Clinton's legal team lets ABC know that they are still pretty pissed about the ABC lie-fest, former Vice Chrmn of the 9/11 Commission, Lee Hamilton, in regards to ABC, says that to fudge the distinction between news and entertainment "is not good for the country," it appears that American Airlines is really pretty pissed about being smeared by ABC's lie-fest, and hopefully, all parties smeared will be suing the shit outta these lying liars, despite ABC's furious attempts to rewrite and scrub history. But against the backdrop of Bush's spinning and whoring out of 9/11, comes this online movie: 9/11: Press for Truth. It centers around the Jersey Girls (shh... nobody tell Ann Coulter... although the Emaciated Hag is probably too busy licking her wounds from that letter Jersey Girl Kristen Breitweiser delivered to her) and the widows' heartwrenching quest to simply find out the truth behind their loved ones' deaths on Sept 11th. You don't have to wear a tin foil hat to watch this film b/c it is pretty straightfoward: The fuck ups and inactions were massive, but the BushCo spins and coverups that followed were positively criminal. Watch it. Spread it far and wide. In fact, let's see if you can get some Bush sycophants to furiously defend their beloved despot after watching it. And if you are in the mood for something a bit more tin foil hatish when it comes to 9/11 back stories, try "Why 9/11 happened: Bush curtailed Operation CATCHERS MITT," and "Bush Made Secret Deal with Bin Laden: No Retaliation for Cole Bombing." Any way you look at it, there will be more truth gleaned in any one of these links than we have heard outta Bush's mouth in the past 5+ looong yrs.
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