Saturday, September 16, 2006

President shows how delusional is he by completely lying & making shit up

At the pissy pants press conference, Bush also showed us how completely delusional he is by outright lying and making shit up (via Think Progress): "During Friday’s press conference, ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz asked Bush why he continues to say Saddam "had relations w/ Zarqawi," despite the Senate Intelligence Report findings that Hussein "did not have a relationship with, harbor, or turn a blind eye toward Zarqawi." Bush replied: "I never said there was an operational relationship." Oh really? In fact, Bush has repeatedly asserted that Saddam "harbored" and "provided safe-haven" to Zarqawi: 1.) BUSH: Saddam was a threat because he provided safe-haven for a terrorist like Zarqawi… [6/17/04] 2.) BUSH: Saddam is a man who harbored terrorists - Abu Abbas, Abu Nidal, Zarqawi. [9/23/04] 3.) BUSH: Zarqawi’s a man who was wounded in Afghanistan, received aid in Baghdad, ordered the killing of a U.S. citizen, USAID employee, was harbored in Iraq. [3/6/03] Umm... care to revise that statement, Dubya? Or how about this "just making shit up" statement from Bush's mouth at that same conference on the very same day that the GAO warns of "ever-larger, imprudent and unsustainable deficits resulting in a federal debt burden that ultimately spirals out of control." (via Think Progress): Here's delusional Bush on our country’s fiscal health, 9/15/06: "If the American people would take a step back and realize how effective our policies have been, given the circumstances. … I’ve strongly believed the reason it is b/c we cut taxes, and at the same time, showed fiscal responsibility here in Washington with the people’s money. That’s why the deficit could be cut in half by 2009, or before." Wh-wh-what? So by fiscal responsibility, do you reckon Bush is referring to the GOP denying the working poor a raise in the min wage, for the 9th yr in a row? Fiscal restraint? Sure - when it comes to Katrina victims, fiscal restraint is easy to point to. Oh... I get it: By "fiscal restraint here in Washington," I guess he is literally talking about expenditures in the District of Columbia... i.e., they've done a good job cutting DC school funds, road repairs, police and fire dept money, etc, right? All of the BIG expenditures have taken place OUTSIDE of DC--like all of those war profiterring payments to the Houston-based bank accts of Halliburton for shoddy services rendered in Iraq, huh?
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