Friday, September 22, 2006

One big miserable family: Rumsfeld leads the pack to unite Canada w/US and Mexico

Now last Christmas season, I came across this WashPost article about a declassified 1930's US war plan to invade and take over Canada. Little did I know that this week, I would come across an actual plan to invade Canada and take over our neighbors to the North by the yr 2007 (yes, this is all tied to that infamous NAFTA Superhighway we discussed a few months ago): via Sept 16/06 Global Research: What would you think if it was announced that Canada was to cease as an independent country as early as 2007? Well, during the last wk there have been announcements from at least 2 sources that Canada will soon cease to exist as a sovereign country. 1) The 1st notice received was in the form of an Aug. 18 email from Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party. The email includes a bulletin from the Fraser Institute entitled, "The Case for the Amero: The Institutions of a N Amer Monetary Union." A statement near the end of the bulletin reads, "On the day the N Amer Monetary Union is created--perhaps on January 1, 2010--Canada, the US, & Mexico will replace their national currencies with the Amero. On that day, all American dollar notes and coins will be exchanged at the rate of one US dollar for one Amero." 2) Then much worst news came. On August 30 an article from '' entitled, "Timeline of the Progress Towards a North American Union" arrived. At the end of the timeline it projected that the N Amer Union would be created in 2007, three yrs before the projected date the Fraser Institute came up with!" Now, I have nothing against Canadians (Hubby and I have been mulling over fleeing America into the arms of Canada since this train-wreck clusterfuck BushCo regime goosestepped into our lives and have even taken the Canadian immigration test), and I have nothing against Mexicans, but here's the thing: We are independent sovereign nations. When in the hell were we the people-- the very citizens of these independent sovereign nations-- asked if we wanted to ditch individual nationship and become the N. Amer Union? We weren't... and as a matter of fact, neither were any of our elected officials. This gig was decided by well, "The Deciders" of Mexico, Canada & the US. But here's a list of some of the players who are pushing for this thing (via ViveLeCanada): "Thru Sept 12-14, proponents of the formation of a N Amer Union from Canada, the US & Mexico met at a secret conference at the Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta. No major media reported on the conference, yet the topic of the conference, the formation of the NAU, will profoundly affect everything in our lives from our health and security to the currency we use (soon to be the "Amero") to our very national identity. In essence, we will no longer be Canadians, but N Americans only--and worse, N Americans hog-tied in lock-step with the US even as they gain open access to our national resouces, energy resources, and defense resources. Some of the scary "players" who attended this meeting were: Donald Rumsfeld, former Reagan Sec of State George Shulz, former Premier of Alberta Peter Lougheed, Admiral Tim Keating Commander of US N. Command, former director of the CIA James Woolsey, and the corporate execs from Chevron, Suncor Energy and Lockheed Martin (who also is close friend of The Big Dick Cheney), to name just a few. There is a small sign of hope in the Canadian news (via CBCNews): "Mel Hurtig, author and founder of the Council of Canadians, obtained internal documents about the Sept 12-14 meeting revealing that the gathering was called Continental Prosperity in the New Security Environment. Hurtig says questions should be raised in the House of Commons about why Canadians are being kept in the dark on such meetings: "We're talking about such an important thing, we're talking about the integration of Canada into the US. For them to hold this meeting in secret and to make every effort to avoid anybody learning about it, right away you've got to be hugely concerned." Uh, yeah. At least some at the Toronto Star are talking about this. I will do my part by blogging about this, sending letters, faxes and calling our jokes of elected officials, and I did send Lou Dobbs a lengthy email tonight with all of the links I provided in this post to back up what I said. I can only hope that Lou (whom I do not agree with all issues, but you have to give the man credit where credit is due: He does report on things that expose this administration's fuck ups) will cover this b/c he has been one of the few in the media (besides Keith Olbermann) who seems to be interested in being an independent thinking journalist. To our Canadian friends: Scream from your Canuck rooftops! The last thing you want is to be run by the US and made to goosestep like we are. You have SOOOO MUCH to lose if we do take your nation over: Not only did our US healthcare system get the grade of a giant shameful "D", our Repukes blatantly steal elections, they toss voting rights over a cliff, they give torture a giant thumb's up and dare to call it a "maverick deal, and they will happily slap boots on your young men and women and use them as cannon fodder for a clusterfuck war in Iran, which according to this, just may go down as early as October. Maybe Canada needs to build a fence to keep us out?
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