Thursday, September 28, 2006

UN Report backs up NIE & Iraqi Police Collapsing

Since we are told that we're not going to get a peek a at more up to date and damning NIE b/c BushCo refuses to let it see the light of day, we have a 2nd source backing up the current NIE that says Iraq has made terrorism worse and the US more unsafe (as if the 40 tortured dumped bodies turning up in Baghdad and the news that the formerly heralded Iraqi Police forces are on the edge of collapse is not enough of a clusterfuck wakeup call.) If the Dems don't pounce on this, they deserve to be run out of DC asap (via Reuters): "A U.N. report released on Wednesday said the Iraq war provided al Qaeda with a training centre and recruits, reinforcing a U.S. intelligence study blaming the conflict for a surge in Islamic extremism." Wait. It gets even better: "New explosive devices are now used in Afghanistan within a month of their first appearing in Iraq," said the report. "And while the Taliban have not been found fighting outside Afghanistan/ Pakistan, there have been reports of them training in both Iraq and Somalia." Wait... wait for the shoe to drop: "Al Qaeda, it said, "has gained by continuing to play a central role in the fighting (in Iraq) and in encouraging the growth of sectarian violence, and Iraq has provided many recruits and an excellent training ground," it said." Wowzers. That's hurts.
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