Monday, October 02, 2006

Bob Woodward on 60 Mins: BushCo is lying about Iraq & counting on our gullibility

Take a gander at these charts of a just released poll by the Program on International Policy Attitudes that clearly show how Iraqis really feel about the US occupying presence in Iraq. It is blatantly clear that they want us O-U-T asap. Now, compare those poll questions to this: Bob Woodward spoke to CBS's Mike Wallace on 60 Mins last night to discuss Woodward's new book State of Denial. You can watch the clip and/or read the full transcript here, via Crooks & Liars, but here is the gist of the interview: 1) The Bush admin has been systematically lying to us-- we the people-- about the war in Iraq. 2) They are especially lying about the levels of extreme violence that have the entire nation in it's grip. 3) All intelligence assessments indicate things are only going to get much worse in 2007, NOT better. 4) There is ZERO consensus between Rumsfeld, Bush and the military brass as to what exactly the strategy was, is or will be. 5) Rumsfeld has no credibility, and Laura Bush and Andy Card felt Rummy should be fired, yet Bush and Cheney insist upon him staying put. 6) Negroponte and Abizaid know that things are crumbling in Iraq, and actually agree with John Murtha's point that we have to get out. 7) Cheney and Bush consult Henry Kissinger on policy in Iraq, and what is Kissinger's advice?: The same shit he said about Vietnam: Stick to it. Stay the course, b/c the entire problem in Vietnam was that the US didn't stick it out forever & stay the course. 8) No matter what the realities are, no matter how awful things are in Iraq, Bush refuses to have anyone around him tell him the actual realities and Bush is effectively the "cheerleader-in-chief," ...current reality be damned. 9) Unlike the first 2 Woodward books, (which were more favorable to Bush), once Woodward told the admin what kind of questions he was going to ask for this one, Bush refused to meet w/Woodward. While I applaud Woodward coming forth and finally tellling the truth, this is how I feel: All of this info should've been in your first book about these guys, Mr.- I- broke- Watergate. You're not telling me anything I don't already know. 'Cept maybe for the Kissinger part. Of course, when I found that out a wk or so ago, I just shrugged my shoulders and thought, feh... that figures. Madeleine Albright put it best when it comes to Vietraq: When you believe/ claim that God is on your side, you don't need a plan B, do you?
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