Monday, October 02, 2006

Here's some of what I want answered about Foley

There is soooo much that can be said of the entire "Foley- PedophiliaGate." But here are some key pts that simply infuriate me to the umpteenth degree: 1) The GOP is in full meltdown over this scandal and can't lie, spin, or change their stories enough to cover their own asses. 2) Rep Shimkus fully allowed, enabled and even covered up Foley's pedophilia w/full knowledge what was really going on. 3) Hastert is trying to derail an actual investigation b/c he knows how bad this entire thing makes him look since he knew full well what was up a yr ago, so... Hastert turns to the BushCo head torturer/ Constitution urinater Att Gen Abu Ghraib Gonzales to bail him out. 4) OMFG! This one take the freakin coverup cake: Foley claims that he is an alcoholic and needs rehab. For what? Wanting to jerk off little boys? WTF does that have to do with a fifth of gin? Absolutely NOTHING, as this guy who was molested by his parish priest as a teenager clearly pts out. 5) The FBI knew last summer what Foley was up to. What did they do w/this info and why was Foley allowed to be even 20 ft near a kid? 6) What has the Religious Fright had to say about Foley's pedophilia and the Repuke cover-up? NOT ONE DAMN WORD. Nada. Zip. Nothing but the sound of crickets. I guess they will somehow smear the victims (and there are at least 5 boys -- not 2-- who have come foward) and/or blame this on liberals or Clinton. 7) Repukes will even DEFEND this repugnant behavior and of course... they compare it to Dems, even though, all of the Dems they mentioned who engaged in questionable behavior did so with ADULTS-- NOT KIDS you foaming at the mouth sycophant sick fucks, and they even dare to say that by us Dems wanting this entire issue examined that we are gay bashing. Okay, we all know how un-fucking-believably stupid you people are, but this is about PEDOPHILIA... NOT homosexuality. They are NOT one in the same, asshats. I know that undercuts your Repuke bigotry, and promotion of gay hatred, but get the Jaws of Life to remove your head from your asses and face the facts. And here's what I want to know: Repukes go on and on about their supposed strong pts: Natl security and family values. Well, your war in Iraq has made America LESS safe and has served as a golden recruiting tool for terrorists, in addition to bankrupting our nation and preventing us from doing 1 damn thing about N Korea & Iran, and that long lost bastardized child you folks have let go to hell in a handcart: Afghanistan. And you and your Grotesque Old Perverts coddle, protect, and actively cover-up for members of your party who sexually prey upon children. Is that why you freaks want to outlaw abortion and methods of birth control? B/c you need a new crop of victims to choose from? Gee, maybe that might explain why so many Grotesque Old Perverts defended our soldiers gang raping and murdering an Iraqi girl, huh?
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