Saturday, September 30, 2006

Florida GOP Rep Mark Foley= Pedophile. Another bit of upstanding behavior from the "Party of Family Values" & their blatant hypocrisy

In light of the uncovering of Rep Mark Foley's revolting pedophilia thru Instant Messaging w/ 2 underage boys (pdf of the IM's here and here) when he is the chairman of the House Committee on Missing and Exploited Kids, and the unspeakable coverup of the crime for almost a full yr by Repuke House leadership, by House Majority Leader Boehner (who is changing his story to suit different newspapers), as well as a coverup by the GOP Speaker of the House Hastert-- who dares to put a link on his site that boasts about protecting kids in cyberspace!-- is reason enough to discuss the blatant hypocrisy of the Repuke Party and their Religious Fright fanbase, but since so many in the GOP leadership knew about Foley's pedophilia and did nothing to protect the kids from this sick fuck but instead helped cover it all up for almost a yr, I seriously doubt if the real truth will come to light. Add to all of this the inexplicable reactions from Foley's own GOP fans... seriously these sick fucks need therapy. They aren't pissed that he was online trolling for a teenage boy. Oh no. They are pissed that he resigned. They are pissed that news of this came out just wks before the election. And they are pissed b/c Foley was INDISCREET. Funny, I don't recall them feeling the same way about Prez Clinton's legal and consensual indiscretion with an adult woman, do you? Of course not b/c as we all know, there is nothing more detrimental to the very foundation of America than a man receiving a consensual and legal bj from an adult woman. But isn't it strange that the Dems don't have a site dedicated to documenting their rampant sex crimes with children?
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